12 Products for Older Adults with Respiratory Conditions: Enhancing Comfort and Mobility

12 Products for Older Adults with Respiratory Conditions: Enhancing Comfort and Mobility

Written by Mariam Farooqui & reviewed by Nicole Fernandes. 


Older adults with Respiratory problems often struggle with getting comfortable and need support to live happily and not struggle. It is important to prioritize comfort and cleanliness with respiratory patients because their lungs and airways are sensitive to environments where the air may be polluted with toxins, dirt, dust, and much more.

We have provided a great list of 12 products that are perfect for adults with respiratory conditions that will keep them healthy, happy, and best of all comfortable!  


Adaptive Clothing 

Adaptive Clothing is a must-have for respiratory condition patients! Adaptive clothing is loose, breathable, and easy to wear. We offer a wide range of adaptive clothing from shirts, pants, dresses, and much more! The soft, breathable, comfortable material is ideal for older adults and patients that have any sort of respiratory condition. Clean and comfortable clothes are essential for patients who face respiratory challenges because clean and breathable clothes mean fewer chances of breathing problems! Here are some of our breathable products that are comfortable for patients with respiratory conditions! 

June Adaptive - Women's Easy Front Closure Bra

Women's Easy Front Closure Bra
june adaptive mens graphic tshirt with open back trucking
Men's Graphic T-shirt with Open Back

  • Nebulizers -  nebulizers are a great product for older adults who may find it difficult to breathe while sleeping or may feel stuffy. Nebulizers convert liquid medicine and send mist through the inhaler mask and making it easier to breathe. 

  • Air Fresheners - Often the quality of air can affect a person’s breathing and sometimes it might make it harder for them to breathe properly if the air quality is poor, so an air freshener is a perfect item to fill their air with good smell and makes it easier to breathe.

  • A Grabber - Most older adults may simply feel out of breath when picking up things from the ground or hard-to-reach places, so a grabber is a perfect item that will help them grab things from hard-to-reach places 

  • Handheld Fan - A handheld fan is a very nice product for older adults who may run out of breath, so a fan may help them ease their breathlessness and also make them cool down at the same time! 

  • Air Purifier - Adults with respiratory issues absolutely should have an air purifier! It cleans up the air around them removing any pollution, dirt, and dust in the air allowing them to breathe in clean and fresh air!

  • Roomba/robotic vacuums - a Roomba or any robotic vacuum is a perfect way to keep the house clean from any dust, dirt, or any possible allergens that may trigger a person’s respiratory illness! 

  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator - This product helps the patient’s oxygen intake and makes it easier for them to breathe— especially on the go! This product is perfect to take if the patient travels a lot and may experience respiratory issues! 

  • Sitting Exercise Bike - Many older adults that struggle with respiratory issues and illnesses may not be able to move around for too long without losing breath, so an exercise bike that has a seat for you to sit down in is a very nice way to stay active and not get out of breath! 

  • Blood Pressure Monitor -  A blood pressure monitor is a very vital product that I believe every older adult who has respiratory challenges or any health-related challenges! As this can keep track of their heart and blood levels and make sure they are healthy and okay.

  • Pulse Oximetry Monitor - These are must for people who have any type of lung condition as it keeps track of the levels of oxygen the patient needs or intakes.

  • AirPhysio Average Lung Device: Mucus Clearance and Lung Expansion - This is a beautiful product for older adults who face any type of respiratory condition! There are no drugs, or liquids in the development that may cause harm. It clears the airways and helps push any mucus out creating a mucus-free airway! 

  • These are all wonderful products for older adults who may find it difficult to find comfort while having a respiratory condition. These products will ensure they will be healthy and have a lot of comfort from these products!

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