Our Story

June carrying Rachel on the left, Wendy in the middle, Crystal on the right.

At JuneAdaptive.com, we believe in empowering people who live with disabilities.

From people frustrated by inaccessible buttons and zippers to people 
recovering from medical treatments, people living with mobility challenges or disabilities can find fashion solutions at June Adaptive.

Why I built June Adaptive:

It comes from my family's darkest times.

My Aunt June was more than just my “cool” aunt; she was a hard-working medical professional who believed in improving mental health, and adored her family and cocker spaniel.

Following an accident later in life, my Aunt had lost mobility in her arms and legs.

With a fashion background, I wanted to help my Aunt maintain her independence and dignity by finding clothing that were beautiful yet functional. To my surprise, it was nearly impossible to find adaptive pieces that fit into my aunt's new reality.

As life went on, I gained additional family members who developed mobility challenges, sharing related issues in finding accessible fashion.

After discovering adaptive fashion, I wanted to bring back the joy of fashion to people experiencing similar struggles. 

Our goal is to create a universally designed experience for more people to shop. We want to make adaptive fashion more accessible because everyone should be able to look good.

JuneAdaptive.com was built so no one else will need to feel the helplessness of getting dressed.

I was able to help my family and others who live with disabilities. 

I hope we can help you too.



- Founder of JuneAdaptive.com