Adaptive Clothing for Older Adults with Neurological Disabilities: Promoting Comfort and Mobility

Adaptive Clothing for Older Adults with Neurological Disabilities: Promoting Comfort and Mobility

Written by Mariam Farooqui & reviewed by Nicole Fernandes. 

Neurological Disabilities

Neurological Disabilities are disabilities that take place in the nervous system which affects the brain and specific parts of the brain that control your senses and movement.

Patients with neurological disabilities often face many challenges when they have to complete their everyday routines and tasks, such as remembering the steps, changing clothes, going to the washroom independently, etc. Neurological disabilities are difficult for many people, but it is prevalent in older adults to be diagnosed with neurological disabilities.

Disabilities such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, brain tumours, strokes, Parkinson’s disease, etc. are common among older adults and these disabilities greatly affect simple daily tasks for them, even tasks like dressing up. Most older adults or the elderly that are diagnosed with neurological disabilities often end up being paralyzed somewhere in their body or have great difficulty moving around without any support and use equipment to get around, so with this being said its safe to say many important factors are to be considered when accommodating older adults and helping them with their daily tasks and routines.

We are to help and as a community, we are here to help and support your loved ones' comfort and concerns all the way. Your loved one deserves to perform daily tasks without a challenge and be stress-free. 


Adaptive clothing

Adaptive clothing is designed for people who often find dressing up daily challenging due to disabilities or mobility challenges, these can be either physical or mental challenges. Adaptive clothing should be straightforward and not involve many steps. It should be comfortable and easy to wear and not cause any distress to the person wearing the clothes. Patients with these disabilities change clothes every day and often require a simple routine and an easy way to change them.

June Adaptive is a company that has made it our goal to include clothing that offers different features and support on our products making it easier for your loved ones and yourself!  Many of our products include zippers, magnetic buttons, velcro fasteners, anti-slip technology and use stretchable/breathable material. We value comfort and mobility when designing our products for people who face these challenges in their day-to-day lives. 

We highly recommend you consult your physician first when purchasing certain products from June Adaptive, as certain products of ours do include items that may cause interference with the patients’ equipment or any medical device that could lead to serious injury to the patient such as our products that include magnets should never be paired with pacemaker or any implanted medical devices. 


Clothes with zippers

Clothes with zippers are a simple and nice way to dress up for the day and make it easier for older people who have neurological disabilities to dress up without a hassle. Patients with disabilities such as ALS, Alzheimer's, Assisted Living, Cerebral Palsy, etc. Have a hard time putting on clothes with so much going on, so zippers are easy and help the patients to learn and independently start dressing with little assistance. June Adaptive emphasizes clothes should be easy and simple for everyone and we offer a wide range of clothes with zippers, making it friendly for anyone to wear.

Clothing with little steps always delivers the best comfort! We sell jumpsuits and some of them include a zip at the back that provides anti-strip features by using strong polyester knit material. Our jumpsuits are super soft and stretchy, with a zipper that extends below the knee, making it easy for assisted dressing! The fabric is innovative that resists tearing like never before! Allowing a safe and comfortable fit for your loved ones and also it is perfect for people with sensitive skin and perfect for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients who are unable to move a lot or are in a wheelchair. 

Front of the heather gray Women's Full Back Zipper Jumpsuit

Women's Full Back Zipper Anti-Strip Jumpsuit


Overlap style clothing

As we have mentioned before, fewer steps always are more comfortable and easier for older adults/elderly clothing. We offer a wide range of different products that are simple overlap style clothes that are easy, breathable, and stretchable. The snap closure technology allows patients to wear the clothes without having to raise their arms. We also carry sets of clothes that use the overlap technology such as pyjamas. The patient can be dressed laying down, seated, or standing up. It is important to have clothes that are easy to wear and easy to adjust. We offer cardigans with such technology, making it easier for your loved ones to dress for colder weather.

Snap closures are strategically placed at the shoulders of the cardigan, allowing this versatile cardigan to be easily secured by caregivers. The discrete overlap on the cardigan provides additional coverage and nobody will know this is an adaptive cardigan! Perfectly blends in together to create a stylish look as well! June Adaptive also is proud to say we can offer a variety of overlap jumpsuits that include a button and hoop on the inner pant line and allow 2-inch shortening when wanting to adjust the pants. The overlap jumpsuit also includes extra snap closures on each shoulder and waistband making it extra secure and offering more coverage for the patient. 

Black fleece cardigan with front pockets
Women's Fleece Cardigan with Back Overlap
Carribean Men's Casual Open Back 2-Piece Set
Men's 2-Piece Set With Back Overlap

Organization Allows Comfort 

It's important to remember for older adults who are patients of neurological disabilities that organization is a top priority. Many patients find it challenging when their equipment and needs aren't set up in an orderly fashion. The organization should be presented simply and easily, especially with clothing. Labelling the patients' drawers by item of clothing, for example, a drawer labelled as ‘shirts’ or ‘pants’ will allow them to understand the process of dressing up and save them time.

Coordinate clothing sets by colour, season, casual, or fancy. Keep clothing based on the current season, off-season clothes should be stored away until they are needed, for example, store away fall-season clothing during the summer season, this will make it easier for the patient and cause less confusion when dressing up.

Our store allows a variety of clothes in various colours making it easy to organize your loved one’s clothes and making it easier for you as a caregiver. June Adaptive offers clothes that range for all seasons from winter to summer season clothes. Support your loved ones by buying them proper attire depending on the season and nice colours to make organization easier!


Mobility in Clothes

Mobility should be prioritized when buying clothes for people who are diagnosed with neurological disabilities, due to these disabilities many things become a challenge when wearing clothes. Sensory issues, some people are sensitive to the type of fabric material they wear and move around which can cause stress and discomfort to the patient.

Sensory issues are common in older adults with such disabilities, so always make sure and note which material of fabric your loved one is most comfortable with and try to buy them clothes made from that material to help support them and comfort them. Many neurological disabilities often affect physical movement and usually, this means the patients need medical devices or equipment to get around, for example, many people with Alzheimer’s or a type of dementia might use wheelchairs, canes, walking frames, etc. to help them get around, but because of this they might find it difficult to wear clothes.

Clothes with overlap technology or easy pull-on or off type clothes are the best for patients who use equipment to move around as well as socks and shoes with slip-resistant technology at the bottom, so that way they can keep their feet warm and comfortable while being able to safely move around. 


Adaptive Clothing is a great way to support and bring comfort and mobility to your loved ones. Consider getting your loved ones these products and many more and this will help support their independence and health by getting them things that will bring comfort and have an impact on their life for the better by improving their mental and physical health as well as their lifestyle alongside. 

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