Adaptive Fashion Gift Giving Ideas for People Who Live With Mobility Challenges

Adaptive Fashion Gift Giving Ideas for People Who Live With Mobility Challenges

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Evika is an educational platform. They provide information that can help people with disabilities make decisions about what technology can help with their specific needs.

Clothes are one of the best gifts you can give someone. Everyone wears clothes and the best pieces of fashion are useful and make you feel and look good. Unfortunately, getting dressed can be a challenge for people with physical difficulties. But it doesn’t have to be – if a shoe is hard to put on, you can change the shoe. This is one of the many reasons adaptive fashion exists. Adaptive fashion is clothing with innovative features that make dressing easier for people who live with disabilities. If you or someone you love has trouble getting dressed, the below gift ideas would be sure favourites.

Pro tip: Giftcards

Before we get started, here’s a quick pro-tip for giving adaptive fashion gifts: fashion choices are personal ways to express yourself and one of the biggest challenges in buying them for others is trying to put yourself in their “shoes”. For that reason, gift cards are an easy way to show them you’ve thought about their unique needs without imposing your own style choices.

You can buy a June Adaptive Giftcard here!

Grip Socks

Socks make the best gift and grip socks are the next level for people prone to falls & tripping. Grip socks have a non-slip tread pattern at the bottom for better stability. Although most grip socks in the market are fuzzy and made for lounging, we finally found some that are great for everyday fashion with contemporary colours and styling.

Grey grip socks on child

Click here to shopKid's Blue Multi Anti-Slip Socks (4 pairs)

Man wearing black grip socks and woman wearing grey grip socks
Click here to shop: Everyday Crew Anti-Slip Socks (3 pairs)

Black ankle grip socks

Click here to shop: Ankle Anti-Slip Socks (3 pairs)

Tops with Alternative Closure Placements

For those with limited arm movement who need assistance getting dressed, tops with alternative closure placements will make their mornings a snap! Back overlap tops have hidden snap closures that are strategically placed at the shoulders, allowing this adaptable shirt to be easily secured by caregivers. The overlap at the back opens up completely at the back, so there is no need to raise your arm and wiggle into a shirt. 

Some of our favourites include: 

Green Men's adaptive clothing top

Click here to shop: Men's 2 Pack T-shirt with Back Overlap

Women's Green Adaptive Fashion top with strappy neckline

Click here to shop: Women's Strappy Top with Back Overlap

Closures can also be seamlessly placed on the side. The key to these designs is the careful placement of the closures so that they are easy to put on while remaining fashionable.

Women wearing cream top with snaps on the side

Click here to shop: Women's Crew Top with Side Snap Closures

Magnet Jewellery

Tiny jewellery clasps are annoying for everyone and especially for those with limited hand dexterity. Jewellery with magnetic closures allows for someone special to sparkle with just a snap of a magnet. The best presents come in small packages.  

Gift as individual pieces or a matching set with:

Cream coloured beaded bracelet with blue circle patterns and gold clasp

Click here to shop: Whistler Bracelet with Gold Magnetic Closure

Cream coloured necklace with blue circle patterns and gold magnetic clasp

Click here to shop: Whistler Necklace with Gold Magnetic Closure

Zippered Shoes

Get out the door quicker with these zippered shoes! Zippered shoes eliminate the need to tie shoelaces and instead have a zipper that opens up the shoe completely. Be sure to look for ones with a removable memory foam insole for all-day comfort and the option to insert custom orthotics. Lightweight shoes are important for mobility and anti-slip soles help provide solid traction on slick surfaces.

Our favourites are:

Click here to shop: Kid's White Lightweight Shoes with Front Zipper Access

Click here to shop: Men's Lightweight Supportive Shoes with Rear Zipper Access

Click here to shop: Women's Supportive Memory Foam Shoes with Front Zipper Access

Recovery wear 

For people who have recently had surgery or need easy access to medical devices that are usually covered by clothes, we love these “recovery pieces” – styles that open in strategic places so that lines and tubes can be reached without needing to undress completely.  

We love this rain jacket with a magnetic zipper for easy closure. It also has snaps along the arm for easy access to your arms. This makes a perfect layering piece for doctor visits.


Click here to shop: Women's Recovery Easy Access Rain Jacket






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