Adaptive Pajamas: 5 Essential Clothing Items For Restful Sleep

Adaptive Pajamas: 5 Essential Clothing Items For Restful Sleep

There are countless benefits to getting a good night's sleep! Sleep is an essential factor in replenishing energy, promoting healing, and supporting physical and mental capabilities. Individuals may underestimate how important sleep is to leading a healthy lifestyle, making it crucial to utilize helpful tools that allow us to achieve a healthy and restful sleep every night. With the help of a good night's sleep, people can look forward to a productive and enriching day.
Investing in comfortable and easy-to-dress sleepwear is key to getting adequate sleep. Adaptive Pajamas are a great way to improve our bedtime routines. The sleepwear ensures safe and comfortable sleep for people with disabilities, mobility issues, the elderly and even their caretakers. Additionally, adaptive sleepwear can be worn by post-surgery patients or for hospital visitations for simplified and dignified dressing. In this blog, we will highlight five essential adaptive pajamas that ensure a night of restful sleep. 

How much sleep do we need? 

According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Prevention, adults require at least 7 or more hours of sleep every night in their regular schedule. This does not constitute all sleep, but only good quality sleep. Otherwise, it is likely that you won’t feel rested in the morning. This means that adults should aim for 7 hours of quality sleep a night! 

What are the health benefits of sleep? 

There are several key health benefits involved with getting enough sleep. These benefits impact both mental and physical capabilities. Harvard published a report in 2021 citing that just getting six to eight hours of sleep a night can reduce the risk of dementia. In fact, studies show that getting inadequate amounts of sleep can even result in early death after the age of 50. 
Sleep is particularly crucial to individuals in recovery as it is essential to replenish the body overnight. It can help with: 

  • Reducing the chance of illness 
  • Maintaining a healthy weight 
  • Lower risk of diabetes and heart disease 
  • Boost your mood 
  • Decrease stress 
  • Improve mental cognition and concentration 
  • Heighten proficient decision making  

How can we improve our sleep routines? 

We may encounter difficulties with achieving a full night of sleep. Individuals with certain symptoms may experience trouble sleeping, such as those who suffer from: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Muscle pain 
  • Heartburn 
  • Sleep disorders 
  • Caffeinated or Alcoholic Beverages 

Experts recommend that individuals who face difficulties getting enough sleep try changing some aspects of their bedtime routines. For example, creating a calming and comfortable sleep environment through conscious sleepwear and a peaceful nighttime ambiance. It is also recommended to have a quiet and dark place where you feel relaxed before sleeping. 

Why invest in adaptive pajamas? 

The first step towards achieving better sleep is with adaptive pajamas! Adaptive Pajamas are designed to appear like traditional pajamas. For those with mobility issues, open-back pajamas simplify the process of dressing from a variety of positions such as sitting, standing, or in a wheelchair. Additionally, they decrease joint pain as wearers don’t need to physically stress their bodies to get dressed at night. 
Adaptive pajamas have a wide range of styles and designs tailored for everyone. Meaning that they are suitable for individuals who require a caretaker and also those who dress independently. Accessible nightwear is traditionally made with ultra-soft fabric to avoid skin irritation and discomfort. 
Luckily, there are many adaptive fashion clothing brands that have adaptive sleepwear lines! If you are struggling with traditional sleepwear, consider investing in some of these essential adaptive pajamas to ensure a restful night of sleep! 

Women’s Knit Pajama Set with Back Overlap Top & Pull-on Pant 

June Adaptive is an accessible clothing company that carries a variety of adaptive sleepwear options. For those who experience ALS, Arthritis, Parkinson’s, and Cerebral Palsy, this matching set is an ideal choice. The June Adaptive Women’s Knit Pajama Set with Back Overlap Top & Pull-on Pants has a few essential features that include: 

  • Discrete back overlap for additional coverage with snap closures at each shoulder and along the waistband
  • Overlapping panels
  • Stretchy pant waistband for ease of dressing and comfort
  • Two easy grip loops, one on each inner side of the waistband
  • Breathable, lightweight, warm and ultra-soft waffle knit with a fuzzed fleecy feel against the skin 
  • Caregiver friendly, do not have to lift or shift the wearer, avoiding the risk of injury and burnout
  • Wearers can be dressed from a seated, standing or lying position and/or without lifting their arms
Women's Knit Pajama Set With Back Overlap Top & Pull-on Pant
Women’s Knit Pajama Set with Back Overlap Top & Pull-on Pants 

Men’s Nightgown with Back Overlap 
June Adaptive also carries sleepwear designed for men. For those who live with limited upper arm mobility, incontinence, and paralysis, this gown is an easy and seamlessly removable nightwear option. The gown can be worn in-hospital or as post-surgery wear. The June Adaptive Men’s Nightgown with Back Overlap and a snap back have a few essential features that include: 

  • Cozy fabric that eliminates irritation
  • Comfort and discretion, unlike traditional tie-back hospital nightgowns
  • Full back overlap with two snaps at each shoulder, avoiding pressure points when sitting or reclining
  • Easy dressing for individuals with lowered upper arm mobility.
Men's Nightgown with Back Overlap
Men’s Nightgown with Back Overlap 

Women’s Recovery Nightgown with Snap Closures 
Adaptive Pajamas can be tailored specifically to those in post-surgery recovery or in-hospital visits. They ensure dignity and comfort that traditional hospital gowns may not provide. It is important to consider building a wardrobe of essential wear for those experiencing limited mobility for the first time post-surgery. Full-coverage recovery gowns are an excellent choice for those in need of accessible nightwear. 
The June Adaptive Women’s Recovery Nightgown with Snap Closures is an excellent choice for these needs. It employs key features to support those in recovery, including: 

  • Discreet snap closure access on the arm and sides
  • Convenient hidden pockets
  • Cozy and soft fabric and won't irritate sensitive areas
Women's Recovery Nightgown with Snap Closures
Women’s Recovery Nightgown with Snap Closures


Women's Knit Nightgown with Back Overlap

Adaptive Pajamas don’t just have to be functional. Adaptive Pajamas can be stylish as well! While some individuals may not be concerned about the fashion they wear to bed, others may pride themselves on fun and stylish outfits to add a pop of colour to their night-time routine. Adaptive Pajamas can allow you to express your personal style and individualism with a funky variety of patterns. 

The June Adaptive Women’s Knit Nightgown with Back Overlap comes in a variety of fun colours and prints, that include floral, soft tropical, and pink party polka dot! Additionally, this knit gown is ideal for elderly people and seniors who are disabled or wheelchair dependent. It can also be worn for daytime lounging! 

Women's Knit Nightgown with Back Overlap
Knit Nightgown with Back Overlap 

Women’s Wide Non-Slip Indoor Slippers 

Some people may not associate footwear with nightwear. However, the transition from daytime footwear to indoor slippers is essential to winding down after a long day. Slippers provide that extra comfort and coziness to your night-time routine!
The June Adaptive Women’s Wide Non-Slip Indoor Slippers make walking around the house a relaxing and easy experience. The slippers have integrated key technology to ensure a comfortable experience, such as: 

  • Large velcro closures for an adjustable fit and are great for swollen feet or ankles
  • Removable memory foam insoles to fit custom orthotics
  • Created for those with bunions, corns, hammer toes, foot edema, diabetes and podiatry foot problems
  • Anti-Microbial Fluid Barrier technology that keeps your feet dry from spills and smells and shields the fabric from germs
Women's Wide Non-Slip Indoor Slippers
Women’s Wide Non-Slip Indoor Slippers


In this blog we have presented a comprehensive guide to understanding the importance of sleep, the benefits it brings, and how adaptive pajamas can revolutionize the way we approach bedtime comfort. 
By selecting accessible sleepwear that caters to specific needs and preferences, individuals can take proactive steps towards ensuring a rejuvenating and enriching night's sleep, setting the stage for more productive and fulfilling days ahead.

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