Assisted Living Gift Ideas: Presents That Show You Care

Assisted Living Gift Ideas: Presents That Show You Care

Written by Mariam Farooqui & reviewed by Nicole Fernandes 


Assisted living patients often require many things such as equipment and items that provide them assistance to get through the day and complete their daily tasks. Things such as equipment that enables them to move like wheelchairs, walkers, cane sticks, etc. equipment to enhance certain parts of their body like using hearing aids, prosthetics, braille, etc. Many patients also require adaptive clothing to feel comfortable and secure. 


Assisted living is difficult for many patients and they often feel lonely or isolated due to their disabilities, but their disabilities are not their weakness and they should embrace and feel proud of themselves and you can help them feel like that by gifting them equipment and items that will benefit them and make them feel good about themselves and feel cared for! So read this blog and we are sure the list of products below will give you great ideas on what to give your loved ones and that your loved ones will feel loved and happy by your thoughtful gift! Everyone deserves thoughtful and caring gifts! 


Adaptive Clothing

Gifting adaptive clothing is a great way to show your loved ones that you care for them a lot! Adaptive Clothing is clothing that is safe, secure, and easy to wear on and off! Adaptive fashion often includes clothes with magnetic buttons, zippers, overlap, etc. technologies that make it easier to put on the clothes without having to risk a chance of injury. 

June Adaptive is proud that we can offer a range of different clothes that are adaptive and perfect for your loved ones! We offer jeans with a zipper at the side, as well as beautiful dresses that can open up from the back to wear more easily, and beautiful magnetic closure bracelets that are made in Turkey, shoes, shirts, jackets, underwear, etc! 

June Adaptive believes everyone deserves to feel comfortable in the clothes they wear and feel confident when doing so! We do highly recommend consulting a physician if you are looking to purchase a product from us and it includes magnets anywhere! Magnets may cause a risk of injury if the patient is using any implanted medical devices.

Stretchy blue denim jeans with elastic waist and short zippers along either side of waist
Men's Side Zip Jeans
Cream, yellow, and blue bracelet with gold magnetic closure.
Whistler Bracelet with Gold Magnetic Closure
Front of the pink Women's Ponte Long Sleeve Open Back Dress
Women's Ponte Long Sleeve Open Back Dress


Mobility Aids as Gifts

Another great way to show you care for your loved ones is by getting them Mobility Aids that would benefit them and allow them to move freely with ease. Some mobility aid equipment you could gift your loved ones include things such as:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Canes
  • Walkers
  • Scooters
  • Crutches 

All of these things are very versatile as well they come in different ways like for example there are electric wheelchairs with 2, 3, or even 4 wheels to help people who face mobility challenges to get around. There are also 

different types of canes such as folding canes, seated canes, non-folding canes, etc. Scooters are a good gift idea as they help disabled people move around quickly and they can help them go shopping or work. Crutches are good for people who recently had surgery and need help walking around and support! Mobility aids will always come in handy for anyone who faces mobility challenges, so think about getting your loved ones a couple of them that they require and guaranteed they will be grateful and feel loved! 


Modification devices are wonderful gifts!

Modification devices are perfect to give your loved ones especially since they will make doing daily chores easier for them! Home modification or personal modification devices both will serve as good gifts, for example in home modification devices you can get your loved ones things such as Amazon’s Echo Alexa or Google Home assistance home modification devices that can control every part of the house just by using your voice! 


Many people have praised how these two devices changed the lives of a person who faces challenges with their disabilities! These two devices can do things such as open the door, change the temperature, stream music, and podcasts, lock the door, turn on the stove, and much more! These two products are a wonderful gift for someone who faces mobility challenges and cannot do certain things around their homes as it might require a lot of effort, so a device that will simply listen to you by speaking to it and commanding it for what you need assistance with is a wonderful and thoughtful gift! 


Other home modifications could be installing a ramp or stairlifts, although these are a bit on the pricey side, they will serve as a great benefit and make your loved ones happy! As for personal modifications, you could gift them hearing aids or braille! These are perfect for those who are hard of hearing or have impaired vision, these gifts will allow communication to be easier for them. Modifications always help people who face mobility challenges so they are wonderful gifts to give because, in the long run, they will help them and their needs as well as learn and feel a bit more independent and confident. 


Gifts of their choice! 

Of course, the best gift you could give your loved ones are gifts they really want! People with different mobility needs require different items and equipment to help their mobility, so the best thing you could get them is a gift that they’ve expressed will help them and their disability. Communicate and understand them, listen to their needs, and understand why the item or equipment they desire is beneficial to them and make them feel cared and loved for by getting the gift of their choice! 


Gift-giving has always been a wonderful way to show others you care for them! Finding the perfect gift for assisted living patients is not hard, it’s very simple and nowadays many stores and businesses specialize in making products for disabled people. Show your loved ones you care and want them to feel independent and confident in their own body again, empower them by getting them these lovely gifts! 

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