Assisted Living Gift Ideas: Surprises for Your Loved Ones

Assisted Living Gift Ideas: Surprises for Your Loved Ones

Written by Batool Azra & Edited by Alisa Matsushita-Bomba


Choosing the right and appropriate gift for seniors, parents, or loved ones, and especially for those who are struggling with diseases or disorders and pain can be tough. It is very difficult to think of what a suitable gift would be. Walking down store aisles or browsing the Internet is no longer enough as people's choices are diverse, and needs are evolving. Some seniors and people don't want too many things, have tasted, or already have extra and too many items. How do we get a gift that will be useful and appreciated? There are so several ways you can make them feel special that they can use and enjoy.


As people get older, they may lose interest in the things they used to love, enjoy, and use. This is sometimes because they are no longer physically able to use, enjoy or pursue a hobby with a spouse or friend who has passed away. As I mentioned above "people's choices are diverse and change over time" what was once a gift may no longer be an option for your loved ones or elders. What are the perfect gifts to choose from that will make their lives easier, healthier, or more fun and bring a smile to their faces? There are still many thoughtful ideas and options to choose from.

Consider some useful suggestions for gifts that will make their lives comfortable, fun, and happy.


Your Time: 

Due to busy schedules, new generations do not have enough time to sit down and spend some moments with their elders or loved ones. Your time is one of the best gifts you can give to your loved ones and seniors. It reassures them that they are valued, cherished, and precious. Apart from expressing love and devotion for them, it makes the elders/parents feel the love and effort they put into bringing us up, for example planning outings, going shopping together, special holiday treats, or talking about memories or favourite places or events, etc.


Sleep Sound Machine:

Sleep problems are not only common among seniors but now it is also common among today's generation. Noisy machines may help you sleep better than silence. When you have sounds playing, the interruption is less noticeable and may not disturb your sleep at all. These devices produce calming and natural sounds to assist people to fall asleep quicker. Some devices also modify the sound level based on the surrounding noise.


Light therapy lamp:

A light therapy lamp mimics outdoor lighting because dark winter days can be enough to drag anyone down. This lamp is perfect for senior citizens and people with mobility challenges who are afraid to go outside during winter especially when there is snow and black ice everywhere. Additionally, it reduces and provides relief from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression that typically occurs in the fall and winter each year. The lamp improves mood and eases other symptoms of SAD, such as being tired most of the time and sleeping too much.


Wheelchair blanket:

There are people, including elderly or all ages, that use wheelchairs regularly. Wheelchair blankets can be very beneficial for them. When you don't move or walk, blood flow to your legs decreases. These wheelchair blankets are very effective. It keeps the person's legs warm and comfortable. This blanket is so soft that it wraps around their legs but doesn't get caught in the wheels. The blankets have Velcro loops to keep them in place. It is available in different sizes and patterns for kids, youth, and seniors.


Books and E-Readers:

Books are also a wonderful gift for seniors in assisted living. One thing to keep in mind if you are selecting a book for a senior in assisted living is that " space is limited."

E-book libraries are great for seniors and those living in senior assisted living. An E-book reader is a portable electronic device for reading digital books and periodicals. E-book libraries save large amounts of physical space, for example, they can be read anytime, anywhere, E-book readers are lighter than actual books, and there are no late fees or fines like libraries. Most seniors enjoy reading books or e-readers. Reading has many benefits for older adults such as reducing stress, improving sleep, expanding memory circuits, sharpening decision-making, exercising the brain, capacity improvement, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, etc. 


Assisted Living: Practical Gifts for Seniors: 

If an assisted living senior prefers practical and useful gifts, grab them, make their daily life easier, and take up minimal space. There are various options. For instance:


Unisex Wide Easy-On Fleece Bootie Slipper

These slippers are a great choice for older adults who need help with swollen feet and ankles. The Slipper is an easy slip-on, full-coverage style with adjustable straps for an incredibly soft and comfortable, custom fit, with a unique hook-and-loop closure for adjustable comfort that keeps tired, ideal for swollen feet, and fragile and delicate skin, especially for people or the elderly who are suffering from diabetes or have edema and are advantageous after surgery. These slippers provide the perfect style for both men and women who want to look good with effortless, classic looks updated with contemporary styling while looking classy while strolling around their assisted living building. Available in various sizes from small to 2X large. Also, it comes in 3 different colours Navy, Black and Fuchsia.


Unisex Wide Easy-On Fleece Bootie Slipper



Unisex Diabetic Everyday Crew Socks - 2 pack

Diabetes can damage the nervous and circulatory systems, leading to loss of sensation in the feet and the risk of feet being prone to injury. Using diabetic staff socks can help keep feet dry, increase circulation, and reduce the chance of foot injury. They are thoughtfully designed with materials and features that can help keep diabetic feet safe. These special socks are made of ultra-soft fabric wicks material, which aids keep feet dry, healthy, and comfortable. Diabetic crew socks prevent the development of ulcers and blisters, provide mild compression to increase blood circulation, are lightweight and breathable, reduce the risks involved in future amputations, etc. Sizes offered are regular and king and colours are black, white, cream, navy, and sand.


Unisex Diabetic Everyday Crew Socks - 2 pack

Men's and Women’s Nightgowns with Back Overlap

The Senior Men’s and Women's Open Back Nightgown is ideal for supporting dressing. The nightgown has a discrete and generous back overlap for extra coverage with two snap closures on each shoulder. It is a cozy, comfortable, and soft fabric and will not irritate sensitive areas, also for wearing in the hospital or after surgery and for the elderly / seniors who are disabled or wheelchair dependent. It allows a full range of motion, so you don't feel restricted or squeezed while you sleep. Available at JuneAdaptive for both men and women from small to X large in a variety of styles, patterns, and colours.


 Men's and Women’s Nightgown with Back Overlap

Men's and Women Open Front Underwear, 3-pack

It is men's open-front assisted dressing underwear. Front drops completely open for ease of assisted toileting and dressing. It is easy to touch closures for caregivers, designed with dignity, comfort and function in mind. made with soft and breathable fabric. Present in small to X large, 2xl and 3xl and Heather Grey. 


Men's Open Front Underwear, 3-pack
Women's Open Front Underwear, 3-pack



Flower Bouquet for Seniors in Assisted Living

There are many benefits of giving flower bouquets to seniors in assisted living. It's a great way to maintain a quality of life for a population that might otherwise struggle to find one. Flowers stimulate the senses of smell, sight, and touch, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and increase healing and pain tolerance.


Regular Doctor Visits for Seniors

One of the best gifts for seniors is a regular visit to the doctor. This is extremely important, especially for seniors in assisted living. It ensures overall health and reduces the risk of advanced conditions. It shows older people their importance, present love, and care, their value and how important their presence is in our lives.


If you are having a hard time choosing the right and perfect gift for seniors who are living in assisted living and are struggling with pain or illness, this will be the biggest challenge. This list will help you solve your problem if you're stuck coming up with the perfect presents.

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