Championing Accessibility: Zachary Weeks's Commitment to Inclusive Design

Championing Accessibility: Zachary Weeks's Commitment to Inclusive Design

Written by Zachary Weeks & Reviewed by Gabriela Otero


Rogers Place | Edmonton Alberta

In the heart of Alberta, a movement for greater accessibility and social justice is growing, led by dedicated advocates like Zachary Weeks. As a seasoned disability advocate and accessibility consultant, Zachary has dedicated his life to championing the rights of the disabled and fostering inclusive environments.

Born with cerebral palsy, Zachary's journey has been one of defiance and determination. Awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal and a respected alumnus of the Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference, his advocacy is more than a career; it's a calling that has shaped his very essence.


Zachary Weeks is an Accessibility Consultant, Speaker and Advocate

Take, for instance, the transformative renovation of Glenrose's Bill Black Auditorium or the inclusive design of Rogers Place. These aren't just buildings but landmarks of progress in the journey toward inclusivity. Each project, from ramps with clear way finding to restrooms accommodating all, reflects Zachary's meticulous approach and in-depth understanding of diverse needs.

The Katz Group's facilities, under Zachary's guidance, have become models of accessibility. Features such as player benches at ice level and hearing impairment devices exemplify how thoughtful design can enhance the user experience.

Beyond physical spaces, Zachary's impact reverberates through his dynamic keynote speeches and comprehensive workshops, empowering others to embrace inclusivity. His education and advocacy approach is informative and transformational, inspiring action and change across communities and industries.

Yet, amidst these achievements, Zachary remains grounded, finding joy and rejuvenation in the company of family and friends, video games, and the universal language of laughter. This balance makes him an effective consultant and a relatable and genuine force for change.

As we look to the future, Zachary's vision for a world where accessibility is ingrained in every facet of design continues to unfold. His work is a powerful reminder that we uplift everyone when we design for all.

For those looking to make their spaces more accessible and inclusive, Zachary Weeks is not just a consultant; he's an ally, an innovator, and a leader. With June Adaptive, he sits ready to educate, advocate, and design a world that welcomes everyone without barriers.


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