Current Trends: Why Adaptive Clothing Is The Future of Fashion

Current Trends: Why Adaptive Clothing Is The Future of Fashion

Current trends dictate the future of fashion. Sometimes it can be hard for trendsetters to keep up with new fashion trends and styles as they evolve! However, people who wear adaptive fashion don’t need to worry about being left behind. Adaptive fashion integrates not only the newest adaptive technology in the industry but also implements current trends into their clothing lines. 

Because adaptive fashion is constantly evolving to meet the accessibility needs of individuals, it grows alongside current trends to produce new fashion-forward items. We are seeing this through the rise of adaptive fashion runways, major brand inclusion of adaptive fashion, and independent designers' commitments to making modern clothing accessible. Adaptive clothing is gradually becoming the future of fashion. In this blog, we will discuss why adaptive clothing is the future of fashion and how it keeps up with current trends! 

The Impact of Adaptive Fashion Runway 

In the fashion world, runways play a crucial role in setting trends and influencing the direction of the industry. They serve as platforms where designers showcase their latest creations and innovative styles to a global audience. These runway shows are traditionally focused on mainstream fashion and have often excluded adaptive clothing, which is designed to meet the specific needs of people with disabilities. 

This exclusion of adaptive fashion from the runway has meant that the latest trends and styles rarely consider the unique requirements of individuals with disabilities. This can lead to a lack of fashionable and functional options for those who rely on adaptive clothing due to mobility, sensory, or other challenges.

Mindy Scheier recognized this gap and founded the Runway of Dreams organization to bridge it. Runway of Dreams collaborates with major brands and designers in the fashion industry to create adaptive clothing lines for the runway. This initiative has gained support from well-known brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria's Secret, and Target, who not only act as sponsors but also create specific adaptive clothing lines to hit the runway. This brings adaptive fashion into the mainstream and ensures that people with disabilities can have clothing options that align with the latest trends.

Adaptive clothing runways represent a significant step towards inclusivity in the fashion industry. By incorporating adaptive designs into mainstream runways, the fashion world is acknowledging the importance of diversity and representation. This move also encourages other brands and designers to consider the needs of a wider range of consumers when creating their collections.

Runway of Dreams is planning to debut an adaptive clothing showcase at New York Fashion Week in 2023. Providing a platform for adaptive trendsetters to access and draw inspiration from current fashion trends, runways address the concern that individuals who require adaptive clothing might feel left out of the ever-evolving world of fashion. Make sure to keep an eye out for their future runway shows! The emergence of adaptive clothing runways, led by organizations like Runway of Dreams, is a pivotal step towards the inclusive future of the fashion industry.

Contemporary Adaptive Fashion Brands 

Each day, adaptive fashion brands are created to meet the needs and demands of our diverse populations. Brand expansion encourages new styles, innovations, and a growing variety of fashionable clothing lines suited to all demographics. Crafted by those personally impacted by the exclusivity of traditional clothing, adaptive fashion brands understand the need to incorporate trendy styles into the adaptive industry to keep their garments current and modern. 

One major brand supporting the expansion of the adaptive clothing industry is June Adaptive. June Adaptive was created by founder Wendy, who was personally impacted by mobility issues experienced by her aunt. During this time, Wendy noticed the exclusionary impact of traditional clothing on people living with disabilities. With this personal goal in mind, June Adaptive was created to support individuals of all abilities in their wardrobes. June Adaptive carries a variety of brands to fit the style needs of all individuals with an emphasis on contemporary pieces that are ideal for everyday life.

Colourful Jewelry experienced a resurgence in 2023! This summer, accessorizing your outfits with funky and inspired colourful jewelry is trending. June Adaptive carries a wide range of uniquely funky adaptive jewelry for all trendsetters looking to add a pop of colour to summer outfits. For example, the June Adaptive Caribbean Spiral Bracelet with Gold Magnetic Closure is a gorgeous beaded addition to any jewelry collection! 

The bracelet is created to eliminate any frustrating tiny clasps and loops often seen on traditional jewelry. Crafted with a handy magnetic closure that adds a shimmer to any outfit, this beaded bracelet ensures seamless wear. Additionally, the beaded crochet bracelet is handmade in Turkey, making it a special and authentic gift for yourself or a loved one. 

Caribbean Spiral Bracelet with Gold Magnetic Closure
Caribbean Spiral Bracelet with Gold Magnetic Closure

Be sure to check out their wide collection of colourful funky jewelry, like the Brazil Necklace with silver Magnetic Closure and the Athens Bracelet with Gold Magnetic Closure!

Brazil Necklace with silver Magnetic Closure

Brazil Necklace with silver Magnetic Closure

Athens Bracelet with Gold Magnetic Closure
Athens Bracelet with Gold Magnetic Closure

What is the Future of Adaptive Industry Growth?

The World Global Health Organization reported in November of 2021, that over 1 billion people are estimated to experience some form of disability. Industry leaders are now acknowledging this budding market, investing in the production of new and trendy adaptive clothing lines. Leaders like Target, Tommy Hilfiger, and JCPenny are already integrating adaptive features through magnetic buttons and zippers into their mainstream clothing lines. This is a promising trend for the future of adaptive fashion as the industry predicts increasing growth. 

The growth of the adaptive fashion industry shows no signs of slowing down. In 2022, the global adaptive clothing market was valued at $1259.1 million USD$. Meaning that there are rising economic opportunities for brands to invest in adaptive clothing as the population of elderly and people with disabilities grows. There is definitively a market demand for accessible garments! 


For trendsetters who live with disabilities, staying up-to-date with the latest styles can be a challenge. However, the emergence of the adaptive fashion industry has changed the game. Adaptive fashion incorporates cutting-edge adaptive technology into the mainstream and current style trends as the market grows with inclusive runways and popular brands adopting accessible clothing lines. 

Trends forecast that adaptive clothing is the future of fashion, with innovation meeting inclusivity! This creates a more diverse fashion landscape but also empowers individuals with disabilities to express themselves through trendy contemporary styles. As adaptive fashion becomes increasingly integral to the industry, we are witnessing a transformative shift that allows fashion to remain an inclusive realm for all.

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