Discover the Ultimate Solution for Fashion Over 60: Where to Buy Clothes

Discover the Ultimate Solution for Fashion Over 60: Where to Buy Clothes

Written by Binisha Khatri & Reviewed by Alisa Matsushita-Bomba

Accessible Fashion for Elderly Communities

Considering how modern fashion trends are often targeted toward youth and young adults, it has become increasingly difficult for people aged over 60 to find suitable clothing options. As individuals get older, they may experience a decline in their motor skills, making it difficult for them to complete daily tasks such as walking up the stairs, opening doors, and dressing. Specifically, as people approach the age of 60, the strength in their limbs and muscles is greatly reduced and further impacted by other factors such as genetics and lifestyle habits. Their clothing choices are also bound to change as they may require more accessible or easy-to-wear items while maintaining a sense of comfort. Many modern clothing brands that offer items for mature individuals often fail to consider their mobility needs and their products can be difficult to wear for some folks. Luckily, June Adaptive offers a broad range of adaptive clothing items for both men and women that is perfect for elderly individuals who experience reduced motor skill mobility. 

Mature Fashion Tips

Before delving into the various accessible clothing options that June Adaptive offers, there are some general fashion tips that older folks should think about while they are shopping. There is a common misconception that older individuals cannot be fashionable or that they do not have any reliable options for their clothing needs. However, this is not the case - they just need to be mindful of the types of clothes they choose.

Comfortable Materials

One of the most important factors to consider is comfort, especially since older individuals tend to have much more sensitive skin. This is because the skin becomes more thin and delicate with age, causing it to become irritated more easily by certain fabrics.

This means opting for higher-quality pieces that are made with the following materials:

  • Soft cotton 

  • Cotton/polyester blends

  • Fleece

  • Cashmere

  • Silk 

Not only are these materials more comfortable, but they are also more durable and will last longer which allows people to get their money’s worth. 

Embracing Your Fashion Sense

Additionally, mature shoppers should also ensure that they have a reliable collection of basic clothing pieces that are versatile and can be worn on many different occasions. Examples of these include solid coloured shirts, sweaters, cardigans, and pants. Having basic staple pieces in one’s wardrobe is very beneficial as they can be worn either on their own or layered with other items to create desired outfits. With this in mind, it is also important to remember that older folks can still have fun and explore clothing with patterns such as florals or stripes - they are not restricted to simplistic designs. After all, clothing is a form of personal expression and individuals should feel emotionally comfortable in their clothes as well, not just physically. 

Low Maintenance Clothing

As well, these clothing pieces should be low maintenance and easy to clean. This means that they should be machine washable and tumble dryable to prevent the hassle of line drying them or having to wash them by hand. This is particularly important for older folks who may experience reduced mobility, making it difficult to clean their clothing manually. 

Shopping at June Adaptive

Taking all these factors into consideration, June Adaptive offers a wide selection of clothing pieces to help shoppers meet their needs. 

Trendy Tops

June Adaptive provides a collection of easy-to-wear tops that are crafted with details such as snap closures and zippers. For example, women may consider purchasing a Wrap Top with Panel Snaps which is very accessible as individuals will not have to worry about raising their arms or using excessive body strength to put it on or take it off. This well-fitting top looks flattering on everyone’s figure and it can be worn for both casual or formal occasions. It is also worth noting that wrap tops have become a very popular fashion trend for women, allowing them to wear in-style clothing while accommodating their mobility needs.


Women's Wrap Top with Panel Snaps

There are plenty of options for men as well. They can choose from a broad selection of sweaters and shirts, including a Long Sleeve Shirt with Magnetic Buttons. Those who are older may have greater difficulty dealing with traditional buttons, but the use of magnets provides ease of access. This top comes in two different styles - one with a traditional plaid pattern and the other with a more textured design, both of which are very stylish. This demonstrates that elderly folks don’t have to choose between comfort and style when selecting their tops - they can have both! 


Men's Long Sleeve Shirt with Magnetic Buttons

The Perfect Pants

An outfit is not complete without a perfect pair of pants to match. June Adaptive also offers a range of different pants that are easy to wear as they have accessible features such as snap closures, velcro, and back overlaps. Women may be interested in a pair of Soft Knit Pants with Easy Touch Closures which prevent elderly individuals from using excessive finger strength as they would with traditional buttons. As for men, they can choose from a wide variety of pants as well, including these Cotton Pants with an Elastic Waist, which come in three different colours. It conveniently has two elastic loops that can be adjusted to get the perfect fit, so individuals don’t have to worry about any buttons, hooks, or belts. 

Adaptive Accessories

June Adaptive also offers several accessories, so older folks can add flare to their outfits. To ensure that these accessories are easy-to-wear for those with reduced motor skills, they all have a magnetic closure. This is beneficial because it is much easier to put on, as opposed to dealing with the hassle of lobster claws or traditional hook closures. One example is our lovely Athens Bracelet which comes with a gold magnetic closure. This elegant bracelet can elevate a simple outfit, allowing individuals to express their fashion sense while accommodating their personal needs. 


Athens Bracelet

Supportive Shoes

In addition to various clothing options, June Adaptive also offers adaptive shoes that are well-suited for elderly folks. Unlike typical footwear, these shoes have several supportive features including velcro closures, slip-resistant soles, and easy cleaning instructions. Women may be interested in a pair of Wide Walking Shoes that come with all these features, making it the perfect shoe for daily comfort. As for men, a great option is this pair of Extra Wide Comfort Adjustable Shoes with Easy Closures which has a large velcro overlap, an elevated sole for stability, and a two-finger loop on the heel to easily put the shoe on. This is particularly important for older individuals as the process of manually tying shoes can be troublesome for those with hindered motor skills. As well, their shoes must provide stability support as people’s balance begins to decline with age.

Men's Extra Wide Comfort Adjustable Shoes with Easy Closures


Final Notes

Although it may seem difficult for those aged over 60 to find suitable clothing items, it is not impossible. June Adaptive is dedicated to supporting those who have disabilities, as well as elderly individuals with reduced mobility movement. From simple shirts to comfortable pants, there is an item for everyone. Providing these communities with accessible clothing options also allows them to gain more independence in their day-to-day lives as they can freely dress without any difficulty. June Adaptive is actively changing and improving the world of fashion by ensuring that individuals from all walks of life are accounted for. For more information and helpful tips regarding accessible fashion, click here to view our full community blog. Shop now and receive free shipping when you spend over $180.

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