Ease Arthritis Pain: The Best Gifts for People with Arthritis

Ease Arthritis Pain: The Best Gifts for People with Arthritis

Written by Binisha Khatri & Reviewed by Alisa Matsushita-Bomba


What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition that involves aches and swelling of the joints that can sometimes improve as time passes, but these symptoms can also be consistent. Although older people may be more prone to experiencing arthritis, it can happen to anyone, regardless of their age. 

Causes of Arthritis

Those with certain lifestyle habits and health conditions may be more susceptible to developing arthritis. The following are a few known causes:

  • Engaging in activities that involve repetitive joint movements
  • Experiencing damage or an injury to the joints 
  • Obesity, as weight, can place additional pressure on the joints 

Ways to Manage Arthritis Pain:

Although it can be troublesome to deal with arthritis pain regularly, there are several ways for people to alleviate and cope with these symptoms. 

Regularly Exercising 

One method of alleviating arthritis pain is to establish a regular exercise routine. The types of workouts that individuals engage in will depend on the type of arthritis they have and which joints are affected. 

Exercising has various benefits including:

  • Allowing joints to become more flexible
  • Maintaining an active body 
  • Reducing tension and pain in the joints 
  • Aiding with balance 
  • Increasing energy and improving mood 

Additionally, these exercises should comprise a range of different movements such as stretches, weight training (doesn’t have to be too heavy), as well as some aerobic workouts such as walking or cycling. 

Healthy Diet 

Maintaining a healthy diet is also very important when dealing with arthritis pain. By eating nutritious meals, individuals can ensure that they are at a healthy weight, thus reducing the amount of pressure on their joints. 

Lifestyle Changes

There is no doubt that arthritis can make it difficult for individuals to complete their daily tasks. This is why those with arthritis must implement some lifestyle modifications so that they can live their daily lives without feeling troubled. For example, this means implementing more accessible door handles, using more simple house cleaning products, and also wearing more adaptive clothing. 

For those who are not familiar with adaptive clothing, these items are not like your typical clothing products. These are specially designed with accessible features such as over-flaps, velcro enclosures, and magnetic buttons to make it easy for certain people to put them on. Adaptive clothes are the perfect gift for those with disabilities and arthritis because it prevents them from using excessive pressure on their joints during the dressing process. 

Gift Shopping at June Adaptive 

Finding adaptive clothes is not always easy, but luckily, June Adaptive offers a broad range of high-quality products that are designed with accessible features which is the perfect gift for your loved ones with arthritis. 

Adaptive Jackets

June Adaptive offers a broad range of jackets for both men and women that have adaptive features. 

For women, one excellent option would be this Reversible Front Vest that comes in four different colour schemes and has two designs - one being a solid colour and one being a dynamic design, which makes it a very versatile item. It is also designed with magnetic closures, making it very easy to wear since individuals will not have to worry about using additional joint pressure as they would with traditional buttons. 


Reversible Front Vest



One great option for men would be this Sherpa Lined Jacket which also comes with magnetic buttons for easy access. This jacket comes in three different colours including a blue and grey checkered print, wine plaid, and mid-blue plaid. Also, this jacket is made with a soft flannel fabric, lined with a cozy sherpa material and it can be worn both indoors and outdoors. 


Sherpa Lined Jacket


Adaptive Pants

In addition, there are also several pants to choose from that would make the perfect gift for those with arthritis. 

One excellent option for women would be a pair of Soft Knit Pants that come with easy velcro closures and an elastic waistband which is beneficial for those with hand-related arthritis because there is no need to deal with stubborn buttons or belts. These comfortable pants come in four different colours including heather grey, black, navy, and taupe. They also have built-in hidden pull-on loops, so individuals can easily slip them on without using additional strength to grip the waistband. 


Soft Knit Pants


As for men, one great gift option would be this pair of Pull-on Cargo Pants that come with internal-pull on loops and an elastic waistband, making them very easy to put on. These pants come in three neutral colours including khaki, grey, and indigo, making them the perfect addition to any outfit. Additionally, they are made with a soft cotton material for added comfort and have pockets to store daily essentials. 


Pull-on Cargo Pants

Adaptive Shoes

If you have a loved one with arthritis, consider buying a pair of adaptive shoes, so that they can slip their shoes on without the hassle. 

For women, one excellent option would be a pair of Extra Wide Comfort Adjustable Shoes that come with an easy, velcro enclosure which is beneficial, so that individuals do not have to deal with difficult laces. These shoes also have a pull-on tab, making them easier to put on for those with arthritis and limited hand mobility. Also, they have cushioned soles for added comfort and have removable spacer insoles to increase or decrease the width of the shoe. 


Extra Wide Comfort Adjustable Shoes



One great gift for men would be a pair of Wide Easy-On Shoes which is the perfect walking shoe and can be worn on a daily basis. These comfortable shoes come with a large velcro enclosure for an adjustable fit, preventing individuals from dealing with stubborn laces. These shoes also have slip-resistant soles to reduce the risk of falls and they can be easily washed if needed. 


Wide Easy-On Shoes


Key Takeaways

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who struggles with arthritis, June Adaptive is a reliable option as we offer a range of adaptive clothing including tops, pants, footwear, and more. This is particularly important because those with arthritis may have difficulty completing their daily tasks efficiently which is why lifestyle modifications must be made. Instead of wearing clothes or shoes that do not accommodate their needs, they should be given adaptive clothes to help them establish a sense of ease and autonomy in their lives. June Adaptive is actively improving the fashion industry by offering clothing and footwear that are tailored to the needs of those with disabilities and reduced mobility. For more information and helpful tips about accessible fashion, click here to view our full community blog. Shop now and receive free shipping when you spend over $180.

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