Easy-to-Put-On Clothing for Elderly People: 8 Comfortable Options

Easy-to-Put-On Clothing for Elderly People: 8 Comfortable Options

Written by Alisa Matsushita-Bomba & reviewed by Nicole Fernandes. 


Everyday tasks that were once simple can become more difficult as we age. Our bodies change as we age, and traditional clothes may no longer be comfortable or practical. Getting dressed can be especially challenging for the elderly or those with limited mobility. This is where adaptive clothing comes in; a type of apparel developed specifically designed to address the unique issues faced by the elderly, people with disabilities or those with a lack of mobility. Frustration and loss of independence might result from struggling to button down buttons, close zippers, or reach behind to clasp a bra. Dressing, on the other hand, can become simpler as well as more enjoyable thanks to modern adapted clothing options.


June Adaptive, a well-known adaptive clothing company, provides a variety of clothing options from shirts to pants to shoes tailored exclusively to the needs of the elderly and individuals with mobility issues. Adaptive clothing considers elements such as ease of dressing, comfort, and practicality without giving up style. 


Magnetic Closures

Magnetic closing shirts from June Adaptive are a game changer for anyone with limited dexterity or arthritis. Magnets strategically positioned in the front of the shirt allow for easy closure, eliminating the need for buttons or difficult clasps. These shirts are available in a variety of styles, ranging from casual to formal, ensuring there is something for everyone's needs. However, these magnetic closure clothing items should never be used with a pacemaker or various other implanted medical devices. Consult a physician if you are unsure if it is safe for you to wear. 


The women’s light denim jacket has magnetic closures, allowing you to achieve the classic pre-washed denim look without the hassle of traditional buttons. The two front pockets are convenient for storing small items while being stylish. The jacket is also made from an ultra-soft tencel fabric to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

light denim jacket with magnetic closures 

Women's Light Denim Jacket with Magnetic Closures


Nightgowns with Back Overlaps

Putting on a traditional nightgown can be difficult, especially for people with restricted mobility. Nightgowns with back overlaps from June Adaptive provide a convenient solution. These nightgowns are comfortable and practical, with adjustable closures that are simple to use. For seniors or those with restricted mobility, nightgowns with back overlaps provide a comfortable and practical sleepwear option. These nightgowns simplify the process of dressing and undressing while minimizing strain on joints and muscles. They value comfort, freedom of movement, and independence. Older adults can get a good night's sleep and improve their general well-being by wearing nightgowns with back overlaps.

Front of the blue Women's Long Sleeve Open Back Nightgown 

Women's Long Sleeve Nightgown with Back Overlap 


There are also other types of clothing such as shirts and pants designed with back overlaps sold on June Adaptive’s website, like this cardigan with a back overlap.

Black fleece cardigan with front pockets 

Women's Fleece Cardigan with Back Overlap 


Adaptive Dresses with Hidden Snaps

June Adaptive’s adaptive dress collection has hidden snaps thoughtfully placed for easy dressing. These dresses combine beauty and elegance with usefulness. These dresses, with hidden snap closures along the front or back, offer a discreet and convenient option to dress independently.


A great casual option is the women’s wrap dress. It has easy snap fasteners on either side and provides a hassle-free way of securing the clothing, eliminating the need to rise or bend your legs or arms. This dress has a concealed elastic waistband that cinches in the perfect places for an elegant fit.

Woman wearing sleeveless grey wrap dress with black collar and snap closures on each side. 
Women's Wrap Dress with Side Snaps 


Adaptive Pants with Side Zippers

The June Adaptive adaptive pants have side zippers for simple dressing and undressing. These pants are composed of soft, breathable fabrics that are both comfortable and easy to move in. The side zippers allow for quick and easy access, making them ideal for people with limited lower body mobility.


The jeans linked below are made for both self-dressers and assisted dressing. Other features like discrete internal pull-up loops, velcro tab closures, and convenient magnet leg openings make these adaptive jeans easy to put on. 

denim pants with elastic waist and zips on side of waist 
Women's Denim with Side Zipper


Front-Closing Bras

Traditional bras with back closures can be difficult to wear for the elderly or those with restricted movement. June Adaptive sells front-closing bras, which reduce the need to twist or reach to secure the bra at the back. These bras enhance independence, ease joint and muscle strain, and provide suitable support and comfort. Anyone can find the right fit for various activities and situations thanks to the versatility of front-closing bras. They give good support while keeping it simple to put on and remove.


This bra linked below has 3 large hooks for arthritis or lowered hand dexterity and uses soft and breathable everyday fabric suitable for sensitive skin.

White bra with front closure 
Women's Front Closure Bra


Elastic Waist Pants

Elastic waist pants are an excellent option for older individuals looking for comfortable and practical clothing. June Adaptive elastic waist pants provide older individuals with a sense of well-being. Because the elastic waistband eliminates the need for buttons or zippers, they are easy to put on and take off. These pants are made of soft, elastic fabrics that are both comfortable and flexible for day-to-day tasks.


The men's seated stretch pants have an extra-high back rise, a full balloon seat, an elastic waist, and a stretchy, wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric. The pants are made for wheelchair users. 

Men's Seated Stretch Cargo Pants 
Men's Seated Stretch Pants 


Velcro-Closure Shoes

Putting on shoes can be difficult for many elderly people. June Adaptive has a selection of shoes with Velcro closures for easy adjustment and secure fastening. These shoes offer outstanding support and cushioning, enhancing comfort and stability throughout the day. They come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate diverse foot shapes and conditions.


The wide walking shoes allow you to walk around in comfort. Featuring a large velcro closure for an adjustable fit, the shoes provide day-to-day comfort and flexibility but have removable insoles to fit custom orthotics if needed. Individuals with swollen feet or ankles, those bunions, corns, hammer toes, foot edema, diabetes or podiatry foot problems can benefit greatly from the velcro feature. 

Women’s black wide walking shoes with white bottom and velcro closure for an adjustable fit. 
Women's Wide Walking Shoes


Anti-Slip Socks

Anti-slip socks are a practical and effective solution for older individuals who want to improve their safety, stability, and comfort. These socks minimize the danger of slips and fall by providing reliable traction, especially on smooth or slippery surfaces. They are a good solution for a variety of contexts due to their versatility, convenience, and hygienic features. 


Take a look at these anti-slip socks found on June Adaptive’s website. The unique non-slip “tread” pattern grippers along the sole maximize traction and minimize accidental slips. These socks are very stretchy at the calf and have a seamless toe design, making them ideal for persons with inflammation or bigger calves. They are also made of ultra-soft fabric, provide all-day comfort and can be worn with shoes.

Grey anti slip calf height socks with seamless toe design. 
Comfort Crew Anti-Slip Socks (3 pairs) 


These clothes provide practical solutions to common dressing issues, with features ranging from magnetic closures and elastic waistbands to hidden snaps and velcro fastenings. Each piece is intended to make dressing easier and more enjoyable, which will increase independence and self-confidence. By adding adaptive clothing into their daily lives, older people can regain control over their dressing needs. These clothing items not only make the process easier, but they also benefit caretakers or family members by lowering the time and effort required for dressing assistance.

June Adaptive's collection includes a wide range of solutions, making sure that everyone's style preferences and special demands are taken into consideration.

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