Elderly Essentials: 25 Things You Need to Make Life Easier

Elderly Essentials: 25 Things You Need to Make Life Easier

Written by Mariam Farooqui & reviewed by Nicole Fernandes.


Elderly people are some of the sweetest people you will meet, but many people don’t realize a lot of these elderly folk live by themselves which often makes them feel lonely, but they also for some of them it becomes a challenge to perform daily activities and this could be because of many things such as disabilities, health problems, age, etc. That doesn’t need to be an issue anymore now, because we have a great list to provide you with the 25 essential items that will make your or your loved one life easier living as an elderly person! 

The list below provides a detailed description of elderly essentials and items that will make life much easier!


Adaptive clothing 

Adaptive clothing is a wonderful essential item for the elderly! Adaptive clothing comes in a range of different styles and different ways you put them on! Magnetic closure, magnetic zippers on sweaters & shoes, overlap style, and easy slip-on and off styles of clothes! Adaptive clothing is very important for elders especially those who have disabilities or face any health risks! Clothes that involve fewer steps to put on and are easy to slip on anytime are ideal for the elderly! June Adaptive sells shirts, pants, shoes, etc! All range in different sizes, colours, and of course, different technical features to secure the clothing stays on and makes it easier to dress! Down below here are some loved products you can get for your loved ones! 

Light blue collared shirt with zips on arms and at front
Men's Recovery Top with Zipper Access
Front of the black Women's Extra Wide Mary Jane Shoes
Women's Extra Wide Mary Jane Shoes


Seat lifter 

Many elderly folk struggle from getting up from chairs or couches, especially deep seats or plush cushioning, so an automatic seat lifter is a wonderful essential item for seniors who struggle with getting up from couches and chairs.


Automatic Night Lights 

Turning on or off lights, especially in the dark pose a dangerous problem for many seniors, but motion-censored lights can help that problem! These lights will turn on or off based on the person’s movement and making it much safer to turn on the lights in the middle of the night. 

Non-slip bathroom mats/gorilla grip mats 

Mats that prevent any slippage and risk of falling causing any injury are perfect essential items for the elderly especially if they live alone! These mats can be placed in the bathroom or kitchen or where ever there is a high risk of slippage and falling!

Mobile phones 

Mobile phones are a perfect way to keep in touch with your elderly loved ones! It doesn’t need to be a fancy phone it can be a simple smartphone that has calling and texting! It is perfect for emergencies and as well makes your loved one feel cared for and can increase their mental well-being as well! 

Grab Bars

This is super important to have! Grab bars decrease the chance of falling and injuring yourself! Many seniors struggle with keeping balance, unfortunately, but grab bars are perfect for keeping their balance and decreasing the risk of injury!

Robotic Vaccum 

Robotic Vaccums are a lovely way to keep your home clean with ease! Elderly folk who can move or have problems with moving around for too long will love the robotic vacuum! This vacuum may seem small but it will guarantee to keep the floor of your house clean with ease and you don’t have to worry about constantly moving around and getting tired! 

Smart Speaker 

Amazon’s Echo and Google Home Assistant are super helpful when it comes to living easier as an elderly person! The Bluetooth speakers powered by an AI can do anything around the house you tell them to do! Such as turning on lights, and speakers, locking doors, turning on the oven, etc.


Wheelchairs are perfect for elderly folk who face the challenge of keeping a balance when standing or are just unable to move around without any support! There are different types of wheelchairs! Find the best and easiest one for your loved ones!


Walkers as well are very essential for elders that face challenges when walking around or moving! Walkers come in different styles such as two-wheeled, three-wheeled, etc! 

Pill Dispenser 

Pill Dispensers are a perfect way to keep track of medication and when to take them! Especially for seniors, many of them may struggle with remembering if they have taken their daily medication so it’s a nice and easy way for them to keep track!

Screen Reader 

These are perfect for the elderly that have impaired vision or struggle with clear vision, they can help the person find hard-to-read text much easier and not strain their eyes as well!


A tablet that is easy and simple to use and lets you play music, play games, and lets you safely browse the internet! This tablet is for seniors that want some form of entertainment that isn’t overly complex and hard to use!

Hearing Aids 

Hearing aids are perfect for seniors who are hard of hearing! They are safe and comfortable which make it easier for them to listen to things and communicate.

Bed Assist Bar

For seniors who find it difficult to get out of bed, this is perfect support and assistance! Ideal for those who have back pains, recovering from medical surgery, or recovering from a stroke or other illnesses.

Personal Medical Alarm system

This is very important to have especially for seniors who live alone and require any medical assistance. This is very essential to their safety and well-being.

Blood Pressure Monitor 

Useful to keep track of their health especially if they are a heart patient and reduces any health risks that may be fatal.

Motorized Scooters

These are perfect for seniors who may not be able to walk and need to get around the community. They are safe and comfortable which makes it easy for them to perform their daily chores and activities. 

Tray Tables 

A perfect and safe way for seniors to have food in the comfort of where they are seated without having to risk injury.

Toilet Seat Riser 

This is ideal and essential because this can make sitting and standing up from the toilet much easier. Reduces the distance between your rear side and the toilet seat making it very safe and reducing the chance of following. 

Floor Pedals

These are a very nice and essential way for seniors to get in their exercise without having to get up and move around a lot and risk injury instead floor pedals can be placed anywhere and you can use them comfortably from where you may sit. 

 Automatic Jar Opener 

This is a wonderful kitchen product for seniors who live alone and make their meals as well! Seniors who may struggle with arthritis or any other disability that affects their muscles are highly recommended to have this item as it will make opening jars much easier! 

 A Grabber 

This is perfect for those who are restricted by any mobility aid and need to pick up something far from them like on the ground! It ensures elders don’t get injured if they need to pick up something out of reach for them.

 Zipper Pull/Button Hook 

Ideal for seniors who may struggle to pull zippers or button up on their clothes.

Big Button TV Remote 

Perfect for seniors who may find it difficult to navigate normal tv remotes with small buttons and can easily scroll through the tv without worrying about pressing any random buttons on the remote 
We hope this list was helpful and bring you an idea of what items are vital and essential for elderly folk especially those who live alone and require assistance and are independent. 

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