Inclusive Fashion: 5 Steps to Elevate Your Wardrobe

Inclusive Fashion: 5 Steps to Elevate Your Wardrobe

Adaptive clothing is changing the fashion industry. Historically, inclusivity has not been a priority in the fashion industry. This has caused challenges for people who do not fit into the restrictive expectations of the fashion industry. Inclusive fashion challenges this history of exclusivity with more brands incorporating adaptive clothing into their fashion lines. Inclusive fashion is fashion designed to meet the needs of everyone, of all ages, and all capabilities. 

Using adaptive clothing does not mean that your style has to suffer. Inclusive fashion offers a wide range of styles. There are many inclusive fashion brands that provide stylish and trendy clothing pieces that can help to elevate your wardrobe. From undergarments, outer garments, to accessories, adaptive clothing can be styled to support all your fashion needs. In this blog, we will discuss 5 steps to help you elevate your wardrobe with inclusive fashion. 

Step One: Finding the Right Brand 

Adaptive clothing is tailored for individuals with disabilities, elderly people, or anyone experiencing mobility or dexterity limitations. Traditional clothing can pose significant challenges for individuals during dressing routines. To address this, adaptive clothing incorporates considerate design elements that cater to the needs of every individual.

It is important that everyone feels comfortable and confident in their own style. While some may believe that adaptive fashion is only tailored toward the elderly, this is a misconception! There are a variety of inclusive fashion brands for a range of demographics to explore. Some may prioritize efficiency and practicality while others focus on stylish and empowering pieces. This makes it crucial to find the right inclusive fashion brand for you! 

Throughout this blog, we will list a few key brands to look out for in your search for adaptive clothing. Make sure to check out our community blog for more articles to help you on your inclusive fashion journey!

Step Two: Undergarments 

Undergarments are the first step to getting dressed! Regular undergarments can pose challenges to people with disabilities or mobility issues. This makes it crucial to find undergarments that ensure a seamless and comfortable everyday fit. 

Liberare is an inclusive fashion brand that provides women with a wide range of adaptive bras. Their innovative bras feature fasteners with interlocking mechanisms and magnetization to simplify the pesky process of putting on bras. Hook-and-eye bras are difficult to maneuver and some can even easily unbutton without the user’s awareness. Adaptive bras are secure, comfortable, and extremely easy to put on for people who experience limited hand dexterity. 

Designed by women, Liberare  has a collection of front-closure bras to support every woman during their day-to-day! Their Convertible Plunge Bralette in Blush (Front-Close Bra) comes in soft pink for women seeking to start their morning with a pop of colour. The stylish bralette comes with a few key adaptive fashion features!

  • Magnetic closure
  • Optional racerback 
  • Front strap adjuster
  • Optional no-show grip loops to avoid pinching

Liberare is an excellent brand for young women seeking to feel empowered and fashionable in their undergarments. Check out their community blog to find like-minded women pushing forward the future of inclusive fashion!  

Convertible Plunge Bralette in Blush (Front-Close Bra) 

June Adaptive is another inclusive fashion brand that provides undergarments for individuals seeking that extra bit of comfort and security. June Adaptive carries undergarments for both women and men, prioritizing intimate wear that eliminates annoying underwear lines! For those who are searching for more practical intimate wear, June Adaptive may be the right fit for you. 

For example, the Women's Brief (2 Pack), is available for order on the June Adaptive website. The briefs come in two colour options, black or nude, for seamless wear beneath sheer or form-fitting clothing. To maximize comfort, the briefs are made with an ultra-thin and lightweight European fabric to avoid panty lines, bulges, and cropping into the skin. These are high-coverage briefs with a 100% cotton crotch that provides the wearer with full coverage. Women of all ages can feel at ease leaving the house with the knowledge that their intimate wear fits seamlessly underneath their outerwear! 

Women's Brief (2 Pack)
Women's Brief (2 Pack) 

Step Three:  Personalize your Style

It is important to equip your wardrobe with everyday go-to pieces that reflect your personal style! This makes your getting dressed routine stress-free and fun. Having a few key pieces that you are confident in will help to elevate your style. This step while applicable to all, may be more tailored towards elderly people who prefer a no-fuss morning routine! 

Easy-to-wear clothing items for seniors living at home and residents in nursing homes are widely available on the Buck and Buck website. Buck and Buck describe their garment lines as easy-wear clothing for independent seniors and those who may need extra care getting dressed. 

For example, their Men’s Printed Sweat Top, is a medium-weight sweater with a nature print to combine practicality and fun! Seniors can reach for this sweater with ample coverage in the arms that ensure max roominess. They offer a wide range of prints for the sweater, with animals, fishing, and nature to meet a variety of personalized interests. Seniors can feel comforted wearing this Buck and Buck sweater that personalizes and elevates their style! 

June Adaptive is another adaptive clothing brand that carries graphic tees. Men can feel funky in the Men's Graphic T-shirt with Open Back, which offers a variety of design options to fit your interests! 

Designed for assisted dressing, this graphic t-shirt is the ideal adaptive fashion choice with extra coverage and a discrete back overlap. This enables those with caregivers to effortlessly be dressed in a variety of positions, such as seated, standing, or even lying down. With three seasonal prints to suit the wearer's style, individuals can pick their favourite design. Some key features of the adaptive shirt that make it essential for everyday use include: 

  • Open Back Closure: Effortlessly secured with convenient snaps at the shoulders
  • Complete Back Coverage: Ensures everyday coverage with two overlapping back panels
  • Hassle-Free Dressing: Reduces dressing time and effort
  • Fabric: brushed cotton blend fabric for all-day comfort. 
Men's Graphic T-shirt with Open Back
 Men's Graphic T-shirt with Open Back

Step Four:  Finding Footwear

Adaptive footwear does not sacrifice style for comfort! Footwear is an essential element of every outfit, making it important to find the right shoes that reflect your amazing style. Adaptive footwear ensures both comfort and style to support all your trendsetting desires. 

To elevate your style, consider incorporating a pop of colour into your outfits. Choosing shoes with colour blocking is a great and easy way to experiment with new colours. June Adaptive’s Women's Lightweight Rose Pink Shoes with Rear Zipper Access is a great footwear option to integrate colour into your wardrobe. 

Designed by an occupational therapist, these shoes are lightweight walking sneakers with back zips that allow the wearer to seamlessly take shoes on and off. Reducing the hassle of putting on shoes, these are the perfect everyday option to feel supported during all your activities. With interior padding, anti-slip soles, and generous interior size, they not only ensure comfort but also safety for individuals who experience mobility issues. 

Women's Lightweight Rose Pink Shoes with Rear Zipper Access
 Women's Lightweight Rose Pink Shoes with Rear Zipper Access

Looking for something that goes with any outfit? Consider purchasing an everyday black shoe that can be paired with any print, pattern, or colour scheme. If you prioritize simplicity in your daily wardrobe, June Adaptive’s Men's Lightweight Black Shoes with Rear Zipper Access may be a better choice for your daily wear. 

Men's Lightweight Black Shoes with Rear Zipper Access
Men's Lightweight Black Shoes with Rear Zipper Access 

Step Five: Don’t be Afraid to Experiment! 

It is important to remember that fashion is a reflection of individuality. The style will vary across different demographics and brands, as trends change and evolve over time. Inclusive fashion is designed to challenge the history of exclusivity in the fashion industry that has forced people to fit into restrictive garments for centuries. Fashion is universal because it allows every individual to express their personal style. Remember that what other people like to wear, may be different from what you personally want to represent. 

Maybe you want to incorporate more colours or patterns into your wardrobe or are searching for more mature and simplistic daily attire. With the growth of inclusive fashion, it is possible to experiment with adaptive clothing brands to find the right garments to elevate your personal style. Don’t be afraid to experiment or try new styles! 


Adaptive clothing has emerged as a transformative force in the fashion industry. Fashion has historically overlooked the diverse needs of individuals, leaving many feeling left out of the binary and expectations set by the industry. However, more brands incorporating adaptive clothing into their lines to meet the needs of everyone, regardless of age or capabilities, means all individuals now have the opportunity to express their style. 

As we continue to embrace adaptive clothing and its positive impact on people's lives, we invite you to be part of this journey and join us in our exploration of inclusive fashion. Embrace your individuality and be the trendsetter of your fashion narrative!

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