Living Alone and Thriving: 13 Helpful Items for Elderly People

Living Alone and Thriving: 13 Helpful Items for Elderly People

Written by Batool Azra & Edited by Alisa Matsushita-Bomba


There are thousands of seniors who are living alone and thriving independently at this age. It can be a life-affirming challenge. Aging is not easy and can come with different changes. These changes mainly come with health problems and changes in their abilities to perform tasks. Seniors love their homes, value their privacy, and appreciate their independence, but living alone means a sense of security, comfort, and familiarity. Various adaptive devices are accessible to improve their lives which can help them stay safe and have fulfilling lives at home.


Personal Care and Hygiene: 

Personal care and hygiene are very important at this age. Elders still want to keep their privacy in the washroom and toilet but, they can end up asking for assistance. If they are living alone, it can be difficult for them to use the washroom and toilet by themselves if they have mobility issues. There are several adaptive devices, for instance, grab bars, over toilet frames, toilet seat raises, or bedside commodes which can aid seniors with personal care and maintain their dignity and independence.


Adaptive Clothing:

As people get older, it becomes very challenging for them to get dressed without help. Adaptable garments are made using features like providing a one-hand zipper on shoes for the disabled and the elderly, replacing buttons with magnetic closures and back overlaps.


Grip Socks:

Grip socks' non-slip "tread" pattern grippers along the sole maximize traction and minimize accidental slips. It helps the individual maintain their balance, prevent, and protect against slips and falls. These solid grip socks help reduce the number of fall accidents at home. Also, these comfortable socks provide more softness than regular socks. Grip socks are also available at JuneAdaptive in many sizes, colors, and styles.



Everyday Crew Anti-Slip Socks (3 pairs)




As people get older, they may suffer from various chronic health conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. These can cause swelling of the feet and make it hard and painful to wear normal shoes. Adaptive shoes or slippers are a great choice for older people. A variety of adaptive shoes are available such as shoes with zippers, Velcro closures, and indoor slippers with easy closures. These shoes can be customized to allow the wearer to adjust the size of the shoes to fit their feet or ankles. These shoes are great for people with bunions, corns, hammertoes, athlete's foot, diabetes, and podiatric foot problems. Likewise, it will provide more ankle support than a sock.


Men's Extra Wide Comfort Shoes

Magnetic Button Cardigan:

Magnetic buttons make dressing a lot easier for the elderly as the button is quick and easy. It's designed with sensitive skin in mind to keep it comfortable all day long. This is great for seniors who are in nursing facilities or rehabilitation, adults with disabilities, and seniors in long-term care or home care settings. The Magnetic Button Cardigan is free of all buttons and zippers, designed especially with older people and people with disabilities in mind.


Women’s Fleece Cardigan with Magnetic Button



Front Closure Bra:

Closing the bra from the back can be difficult and painful for the elderly. This front bra is perfect for all women, especially the elderly, disabled, and nursing mothers. It can be applied without having to reach back. This makes it less complicated and easy to wear, allowing the elderly to maintain their independence and dignity. It also makes closing the clip easier with less arm movement. It is accessible in different sizes from small, medium, large, and X-large.


Women's Front Hook Bra

2-Piece Set with Back Overlap:

This Adaptive 2-piece set with back overlap fabric gives a normal wear look, but offers relief and comfort with features such as a back overlap and a stretchy adjustable pant waistband. Buttons and loops on each inner side of the pant leg can allow individuals to shorten the length by 2 inches. It is obtainable in 3 different colors Rose Color Blank, Caribbean Color Block, and Blue Color Block. It is perfect for seniors and people with mobility issues both elderly men and women.


Women's 2-Piece Set With Back Overlap


Knit Twofer Open Back Dress:

This quality of clothing is soft, comfortable, and classic designed for senior and wheelchair-friendly comfort. The garments give the appearance of everyday clothing, but the open back shape helps the elderly prevent a struggle in the dressing process. The open-back dress is fastened at the shoulder using snaps which avoids any pressure points on the back. It is a two-in-one style garment, plus it's good for sensitive skin and upper arm movement. Click here to find out


 Women's Knit Twofer Open Back Dress

Magnetic Zipper Hoodie:

Magnet Zippers Hoodies are similar to zippers, but magnet zippers are designed to use a magnetic force between the left and right sides. It is especially beneficial for individuals  with lowered hand dexterity, arthritis, or low vision. It's made from soft, wrinkle-resistant polyester and cotton. It is comfortable not only for seniors, but for everyone. Available in different sizes Small, Medium, Large and X Large.


Men’s Magnetic Zipper Hoodie



Adaptive Devices:

There are many assistive devices available, extremely helpful for people and seniors suffering from poor dexterity, and back pain also when bending and reaching can be challenging. It maintains their independent mobility, including lifting the seniors into a standing position without giving them any difficulty or discomfort.


Grab Bars:

Grab bars are very important for the elderly and people with disabilities. These grabs should be placed near toilets, showers, and other high-use areas. Most slip-and-fall accidents occur in bathrooms and toilets. The purpose of grab bars is to support people's weight when sitting or standing or transferring from a wheelchair to a toilet seat. This makes it easier to balance and put your weight on the bars instead of putting them on someone. The risk of slipping and falling can be reduced with grab bars.


Toilet Seat:

Using toilets is difficult and challenging for many seniors because some toilet seats are too low for elderly people to use safely. A raised toilet seat makes it safe and comfortable for them to use the toilet on their own. That helps them from preventing slips and falls.


Reacher/grabbers and Step Stools with Handles:

The Reacher/grabber and the step stool can go together to maximize the benefit of both tools. A step stool can inrease the benefit of the grabber by allowing them to grab items off of higher shelves. A reacher is handy for picking up items from the floor. It is beneficial for those who have experienced various types of pain such as back or joint pain and cannot bend down. They have a wide reach and a strong grip on small objects.

Reachers will not solve all problems completely but a step stool with handles is very useful and effective for seniors. They can be used to safely reach over their head to grab items. In addition, it provides extra support by offering seniors something to hold on to as they step on the stool. A step stool with handles is safe for use by the elderly and is different from a step stool.


Turn on the lights:

Adequate lighting is also very important for the elderly, due to many age-related changes in vision and eye diseases. Inadequate and poor lighting increases the risk of falls for older people. In addition, adequate lighting reduces depression and promotes mental health in the elderly, providing a greater quality of life.


Medical Alert System:

To provide the safety and security of the elderly, doctors recommend medical alert systems for their use. It has provided security and independence to the elderly who are frail and prone to various diseases and infections. Its purpose is to protect the elderly in a home health emergency. Some systems can be set up to monitor vital signs and provide medication reminders. The medical alert system is monitored 24/7. These devices not only notify the doctor but also text or email some family members when there is a change in their environment. There are many medical alert systems available in the market but be careful while choosing the right one. Examining features that monitor how it is working, what are the current specific needs and requirements of the elderly, and concerns about the future are important to decide which device is right for you and your loved one.


As people grow older and due to certain circumstances, they prefer to spend some time alone or choose to live separately. At this age they value their privacy and want to do things their way but living alone is not easy. It comes with many dangers, risks and concerns related to safety, health, requirements, and considerations etc. There are many ways to help and support our seniors to live safely and thrive, value their privacy, and enjoy the lives.

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