Living with Parkinson's Disease: Providing Support and Comfort

Living with Parkinson's Disease: Providing Support and Comfort

Written by Binisha Khatri & Reviewed by Alisa Mataushita-Bomba

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease that affects the brain and causes difficulties in walking, maintaining balance, and moving the body. Studies have shown that this disease is one of the most common motor-related brain conditions. Parkinson’s disease directly attacks a part of the brain called the basal ganglia which is responsible for controlling bodily movements. This can have a profound effect on people’s daily lives and how they operate. 

Risk Factors

Although anyone can develop this condition, there are a few factors that make certain individuals more susceptible to Parkinson’s disease. Those who are 60 years of age or older are more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, compared to younger individuals. It is also important to note that this condition is more common among men, as opposed to women.


There are a variety of symptoms that come along with Parkinson’s disease and many of them directly impact one’s motor skills. 

Such motor and muscle-related symptoms include the following:

  • Tremors and shaking of the muscles
  • Body stiffness
  • Slowed movements
  • Poor posture
  • Drooling (due to hindered facial muscle movement)
  • Changes in speech 

Individuals with Parkinson’s disease may also experience symptoms that are not directly related to their motor skills or muscles. 

Additional symptoms that they may face include: 

  • Urinary complications or constipation
  • Depression
  • Changes in skin (excessive oiliness or dryness)


Based on current research, the only direct confirmed cause of Parkinson’s disease is genetics. This means that the disease can be inherited from one’s parents, but this is not always the case. 

Several other potential conditions have been linked to Parkinsonism (symptoms that mimic Parkinson’s disease) which include the following:

  • Head injuries
  • Substances and environmental toxins
  • Medications
  • Encephalitis (inflammation of brain tissues)

Any repetitive head injuries, such as those experienced while playing sports, can damage crucial parts of the brain, causing Parkinson-related symptoms. Studies have also shown that inhaling harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide or pesticides can also lead to Parkinsonism. Additionally, medications that alter dopamine levels are also linked to this condition. This includes antipsychotic medications that are used to treat anxiety disorders, depression, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Support for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Although there is no known cure for this condition, there are several ways to manage these accompanying symptoms. Considering how Parkinson’s disease can greatly hinder people’s motor skills, this can make it difficult for them to complete their daily tasks and dress. Traditional clothing can be a hassle to put on for these folks which is why they should consider opting for adaptive clothing. Adaptive clothes are designed with easy-to-wear features for individuals with disabilities and reduced motor skills, making them very easy to put on.

Shopping at June Adaptive

It can be difficult to find adaptive clothing in stores, but luckily, June Adaptive offers a broad range of accessible products for shoppers to choose from.

Comfortable Tops & Vests 

Individuals can choose from a variety of adaptive tops that are both comfortable and fashionable.

One excellent option for those with Parkinson’s disease is this Men's Reversible Front Vest with Magnetic Closure. This vest can be worn in two ways, with either a solid colour design or a checkered pattern. It is also designed with a magnetic button closure, making it much easier to put on for those with reduced motor skills and muscle tremors. This is beneficial because there is no need to fuss with stubborn zippers or hooks. It also comes in four different colour schemes, so there is a perfect design for everyone. 


Men's Reversible Front Vest with Magnetic Closure



Another suitable top for Parkinson’s patients is this Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt with Magnetic Buttons. This shirt comes in three different colours including blue gingham, green window plaid, and red blue plaid. Additionally, it is lined with a magnetic button closure which prevents the hassle that comes along with using traditional buttons. This is particularly useful for those who experience reduced strength in their muscles and motor abilities. 


Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt with Magnetic Buttons


Adaptive Pants

June Adaptive also offers a range of pants that are designed with accessible and easy-to-wear features. 

One great option would be this pair of Men's Cotton Pants with Elastic Waist. These pants are designed with an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit and prevent individuals from having to deal with standard buttons and belts. Also, these pants have built-in pull-on loops which are beneficial for those who experience muscle tremors as it allows for an easy dressing process. They are also made with an ultra-soft material and shoppers can choose from three different colours including beige, dark navy, and black. 


Men's Cotton Pants with Elastic Waist

Similarly, another suitable option for those with Parkinson’s disease is this pair of Men's Pull-on Denim with Cargo Pockets. This is a great alternative to traditional jeans because the elastic waistband prevents the hassle that comes along with difficult buttons and zippers. These pants also have internal pull-on loops, making it much easier for individuals to slip into them. For additional comfort, these pants are made with a stretchable denim fabric, allowing for a breathable fit.


Men's Pull-on Denim with Cargo Pockets


Accessible Socks and Footwear

In addition to tops and bottoms, June Adaptive also offers a range of adaptive socks and footwear.

One option for those with Parkinson’s disease is these Everyday Crew Anti-Slip Socks which come in a pack of three pairs. These comfortable socks are lined with non-slip grippers to prevent falls and injuries. This is crucial for Parkinson’s patients as they often experience a lack of balance and slowed movements. As well, these socks are made with a soft cotton blend fabric for added comfort. They also come in three different colours including black, dark grey, and light grey. 


Everyday Crew Anti-Slip Socks

As for shoes, individuals may be interested in this pair of Men's Wide Non-Slip Indoor Slippers which are perfect for lounging at home. These slippers have a large velcro enclosure, allowing for an adjustable fit and making it much easier to put on as there is no need to deal with laces. They also come along with removable memory foam insoles for added comfort and orthopedic support. Additionally, these slippers can also be easily washed in the event of spills or mishaps. 


Men's Wide Non-Slip Indoor Slippers

Final Notes

Parkinson’s disease can have a profound impact on one’s daily life as it restricts bodily movement and mobility. This can make it difficult for them to complete simple tasks such as dressing themselves. Wearing adaptive clothing from reputable brands can simplify their dressing process and bring a sense of ease into their routines. Although it can be difficult to find accessible clothes at local stores, June Adaptive is a reliable brand as we offer a range of adaptive clothing including tops, pants, footwear, and more. June Adaptive is actively transforming the fashion industry by offering clothing and footwear that are tailored to the needs of those with disabilities and reduced mobility. For more information and helpful tips about accessible fashion, click here to view our full community blog. Shop now and receive free shipping when you spend over $180.

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