JuneAdaptive.com x Alzheimer Society Black Friday Giveback Pledge

JuneAdaptive.com x Alzheimer Society Black Friday Giveback Pledge

Message from Our Founder, Wendy Wong

First time my Grandfather forgot me

I will never forget the first time my Grandfather (Gong Gong) forgot my name due to Alzheimer’s disease. 

It was during a family meal in Los Angeles, where he lived.  To cope, some of my relatives laughed it off, but I had to excuse myself to burst into tears, mourning this new reality.

Loved by the whole family

My Gong Gong was loved by my whole family including my witty and loyal Grandmother (Po Po).  He raised generations of kind and hardworking family members. He encouraged excellence, resourcefulness and quality family time. He also reminded us of one of the most important things in life: being on time for his daily dim sum brunch.

Black Friday Giveback Pledge

It is a great privilege to share that JuneAdaptive.com will be partnering with the Alzheimer Society of Toronto on a Giveback Pledge.  This Black Friday Cyber Monday, from November 25 - 29 2022, JuneAdaptive.com will donate a portion of our Canadian sales to the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

Alzheimer Society

These funds will support people who live with or have people in their lives that live with alzheimer's , promote research and advocate for services that respect the dignity of the individual. With this partnership, JuneAdaptive.com will be able to help people find easy-dressing contemporary clothing while supporting an important organization.

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