One-Armed Life: How to Make Daily Activities Easier

One-Armed Life: How to Make Daily Activities Easier

Written by Mariam Farooqui & reviewed by Nicole Fernandes


Having one arm to navigate your daily activities may be difficult at first but it doesn’t have to be! One-armed people may find simple daily everyday activities hard, but we are happy to present you with this small list of things that can make your daily activities easier despite having one arm! We are here to offer you so many great sources that can help improve your life if you have one arm! Down below we have a list of things to make your daily activities easier! 

Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing is made to help people with different disabilities to find dressing up easier and safer without having to move too much and not feel tired. June Adaptive is a company where we prioritize making clothes that are easy to wear for everyone! We offer clothes with different attachments and secure technologies that ensure your loved one can easily wear their clothes. We have magnetic buttons with snap-closure technology preventing any way the clothing could become loose and magnetic zippers that don’t require too much effort to pull up! These clothes are perfect for people who have one arm. You don’t have to follow so many steps you can easily pull it on and off without much effort and energy! We sell shirts that open from the back that you can easily slip on, we offer jackets, dresses, pants, and much more! All these clothes are made to ensure the person is comfortable and secure with the clothing they are wearing!

Women's Detachable Hooded Magnetic Front Cape

Women's Detachable Hooded Magnetic Front Cape
june adaptive mens graphic tshirt with open back trucking
Men's Graphic T-shirt with Open Back

Mobility Devices

Many people that have one arm to use can often find it challenging to perform daily tasks and carry around stuff using one arm. Many mobile devices can make it easier to carry and hold stuff!

Electric Scooter - A scooter is a great way to not only get around but carry stuff as well! Many people with different disabilities find shopping easier when they have a scooter because a scooter has a lot of room to carry a lot of things and helps them carry and move things! Perfect for people who have one arm and may find it difficult to move stuff around! 

Dressing Aid Stick - These sticks are worth investing in because they make it easier to dress if you have one arm! It is perfect for when you need to wear shoes and need an extra little push, so the stick is very helpful for situations like that as it has a grip at the top that is strong and perfect for one-armed users! 

Amazon Echo or Google Home assistance - These ai voiced devices are perfect for people who have one arm because they can help around the house just by hearing your voice! If you need to turn on the oven? Just tell the ai and it will do it! Need to lock the doors? Yup, it’s got you and will lock your doors! It is just a very helpful device to have overall if you have any type of disability! 


Kitchen products - Many kitchen products have very flimsy grips and often require both hands, but one-handed kitchen products have a soft but tight grip feeling to them and only require pressure on one hand! Like one-handed kitchen utensils are strong and make it easier for someone who struggles to use one hand to eat or cook! A weighted kitchen cutting board is multi-functional and doesn’t require the user to use both hands, making it easier to cook with one hand! These boards often include a place with you can cut, peel, and grate foods and it won’t slip away due to the bottom having a suction cup to keep the board in place!


Bathroom products - Many bathroom products have the same issue as kitchen products they require people to use both hands. One-handed bathroom products can include grabbers, cleaning products with a strong grip, a sponge with a handle, and a hair drying stand so you can use the hair dryer and you can hold a comb in your hand! These may seem like small things but they make life easier for people who have one arm.

Robotic Arm - this one is very expensive and some people may not require it. People who have their arms amputated find robotic arms very useful. These arms can function just like your normal arm and perform the same activities! It is a very expensive procedure though, but consult your physician and local clinical to see what you can do to get a robotic arm! 

We hope these lists of products can make your life or your loved ones easier if they only have one arm! Everyone should have ways that make performing their daily activities easier and less of a hassle to go through!

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