Revolutionize Caregiving: 6 Adaptive Footwear Solutions

Revolutionize Caregiving: 6 Adaptive Footwear Solutions

Written by Binisha Khatri & Reviewed by Alisa Matsushita-Bomba


The Importance of Adaptive Footwear

There is a vast variety of footwear options for individuals to choose from, but many shoe brands do not offer products with accessible designs for those with disabilities. Adaptive footwear refers to shoes/socks that are designed to be easily used by those who have disabilities or reduced motor skills. For example, many elderly folks experience a condition called pedal edema, which refers to swelling of the feet. To read more about the causes of this condition and ways to treat it, click here to view our blog. It is also important for these individuals to ensure that their shoes can be easily put on. Some individuals with disabilities may struggle with wearing traditional footwear, so they should opt for shoes that have accessible features.

The following are certain features that individuals should consider when looking for adaptive footwear:

  • Non-slip grips to prevent falls 
  • Easy enclosure (no laces)
  • Comfortable fitting fabric 
  • Easy to clean
  • Cushioned soles

The Benefits of Adaptive Footwear

Not only are adaptive shoes easier to put on, but they also provide several other benefits. 


Those with disabilities or reduced mobility may experience difficulty in putting on traditional shoes by themselves. Although there is nothing wrong with seeking support from our loved ones, it can cause some individuals to feel as if they lack autonomy. However, adaptive shoes simplify the dressing process and make it easier for these individuals to put their shoes on independently. This provides them with a sense of empowerment and freedom in their daily lives. 

Productivity & Daily Comfort

Wearing adaptive shoes also provides these individuals with daily comfort, allowing them to complete their tasks and engage in more social activities, without having to worry about any discomfort in their feet. These individuals deserve to experience important life events, just like everyone else. Their time should not be taken away from them, simply because of their footwear. Wearing adaptive shoes provides them with the ability to live their lives without feeling restricted. 


The concept of adaptive footwear also highlights the importance of creating inclusive products that accommodate people's needs. Although traditional shoes are much easier to find in stores, they are not suitable for everyone. Individuals with disabilities may face discomfort when wearing traditional shoes and they may struggle to put them on by themselves. However, everyone deserves to wear shoes that they feel comfortable in and more businesses should be mindful of the design of their footwear products. Incorporating accessible features into these products will help the fashion industry become more inclusive, allowing those with disabilities to feel seen and acknowledged. 

Footwear at June Adaptive 

Although it can be difficult to find suitable footwear options, June Adaptive offers a range of accessible shoes to pick from for men, women, and kids. 

For Men

  • Indoor Slippers

  • One product that men may be interested in is this pair of Wide Non-Slip Indoor Slippers with Easy Closures. These slippers provide daily comfort and are perfect for lounging at home. They are designed with a large velcro strap, making them very easy to put on and preventing individuals from having to deal with stubborn laces. Also, these shoes come with removable memory foam insoles in case you need additional foot support. The material of these shoes is also high quality and it utilizes barrier technology which keeps the feet dry from any spills. 


    Wide Non-Slip Indoor Slippers with Easy Closures

  • Everyday Walking Shoes

  • As for outdoor shoes, one excellent option would be these Wide Easy-On Shoes which can be worn everyday. These shoes are designed with slip resistant soles to prevent falls and they also have a large velcro strap enclosure, making it easier to put on. They also have removable insoles for additional support and these shoes can be easily washed if needed. 


    Wide Easy-On Shoes

    For Women

  • Mary Jane Shoes

  • As for women, one great option would be this pair of Extra Wide Mary Jane Shoes which come in two colourways: black and navy. Mary Janes are now back in style, but with an adaptive twist. These shoes feature a velcro closure and they provide a wider fit which eliminates discomfort. Also, these fashionable shoes come with a slip-resistant sole and an extended heel which offers further support for those who struggle with balance. These shoes are also perfect for those who have swelling or aches in their feet as it is made with a soft, breathable fabric. 


    Extra Wide Mary Jane Shoes


  • Sandals

  • Another excellent option is this pair of Extra Wide Shoe Sandals which can be worn both indoors and outdoors. These comfortable, yet stylish shoes come in three different colours including beige, denim, and misty rose. These sandals have a large velcro strap enclosure, allowing for an easy dressing process. They also feature slip-resistant soles to prevent falls and provide further foot support. 


    Extra Wide Shoe Sandals


  • Diabetic Socks 

  • Unlike ordinary socks, these Diabetic Everyday Crew Socks are made with a soft, stretchable material that is perfect for those who have sensitive skin or experience swelling in their feet. These socks come in a pack of two and there are a variety of neutral colours to choose from including black, white, cream, navy, and sand. 


    Diabetic Everyday Crew Socks


    For Kids

  • Lightweight Sneakers

  • June Adaptive offers several accessible footwear options for kids as well. For young girls, one suitable option is this pair of Mermaid Lightweight Shoes with Rear Zipper Access. These sneakers are the perfect walking shoe and they have a colourful mermaid tail design that is bound to catch anyone’s eye. Also, these shoes have interior padding and slip-resistant soles, making them the perfect footwear for daily adventures. Instead of laces, these shoes have a built-in zipper which saves time and makes them much easier to put on. Additionally, these shoes come in various designs, including a Marine Camo print which is perfect for young boys. 


    Mermaid Lightweight Shoes with Rear Zipper Access
    Boy's Marine Camo Lightweight Shoes with Rear Zipper Access

    Final Notes

    Overall, those with disabilities should opt for adaptive footwear to better accommodate their needs. Adaptive footwear is beneficial because it allows these folks to gain a sense of independence as it simplifies their dressing process. It also enhances their productivity, so that they can complete their daily tasks and spend time with loved ones, without worrying about any discomfort in their feet. It can be difficult to find suitable options, but June Adaptive offers a variety of shoes and socks for those with disabilities. June Adaptive is actively transforming the fashion industry by creating clothing and footwear that are tailored to the needs of those with disabilities and reduced mobility. For more information and helpful tips about accessible fashion, click here to view our full community blog. Shop now and receive free shipping when you spend over $180.

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