Steps Towards Safety - Why Foot Health Matters

Steps Towards Safety - Why Foot Health Matters

By Isaac Jung

With the weather noticeably trending warmer in Vancouver, the flirtatious sun has more than encouraged me, and probably many others, to catch some rays and self-prescribed Vitamin D. Now, I’d consider myself relatively young, but about twenty minutes into my walk, I could feel some soreness stemming from the inside of my foot. This struck me as particularly odd, especially considering that I’m somewhat active, and that walking is a fairly low-impact activity. Which had me thinking, in an age where health consciousness is at the forefront of the public mind, I feel that we rarely talk or worry about the health of one of the most used parts of our body: our feet!
High arches, flat feet, overuse, or even incorrect shoe fitment, all of these reasons are possible contributors as to why your feet may be plagued by pain. I consider myself somewhat flatfooted. I also don’t wear orthotics or give my feet any support outside of my Birkenstocks, so I’m not surprised as to why my feet hurt after walking long enough. If you work or have worked a job that requires you to stand all day, years of foot fatigue may have slowly built up over time as well. In a study where the main objective was to analyze foot pain and injuries related to falling, those who reported foot pain saw a 62% increased chance of recurrent falls. Those with “flat feet” also saw a significantly higher risk in falling, suggesting that both foot pain and foot posture play a large role in injury prevention. Especially for those who fall into the median age of the study, hovering around 69 years of age.
Foot pain can be preventable or alleviated by inserting daily muscle care such as stretching or massaging into your daily routine. Store bought orthotics or seeking help from a professional are also viable options for dealing with your ailments. However, these costs can add up. Shouldn’t your shoes be comfortable to wear to begin with? If you happen to be in the process of buying new shoes, fit and comfort should be a necessity! June Adaptive offers a comprehensive footwear collection that values comfort and function first, all the while keeping adaptive design in mind, creating an easy, hassle-free donning experience.
For everyday use, their Lightweight Cushioned Shoes—designed by an occupational therapist—offer a great balance between comfort and accessibility, sporting rear zipper access to leisurely slip into your shoes.

Men's Lightweight Supportive Shoes with Rear Zipper Access

If you require maximum comfort, perhaps the Supportive Memory Foam line may be of greater interest. Built with front zipper access for ease-of-use, the memory foam sole truly forms around the base of your foot, offering support around every nook and cranny.

Women's Supportive Memory Foam Shoes with Front Zipper Access

If you’re more active however, their Wide Walking Shoes offer velcro closure, a machine washable design, and day-to-day comfort to get you where you need to go. In addition, all of the mentioned models have removable soles, allowing you to insert your orthotics if required!
If you’re looking to keep your feet comfortable indoors, June Adaptive also provides Wide Non-Slip Indoor Slippers that are comfy and functional.

Men's Wide Non-Slip Indoor Slippers with Easy Closures

Socks are important too! Their Comfort Crew Anti-Slip Socks are a nice addition to treating your feet, and a well fitting sock goes a surprisingly long way.

Comfort Crew Anti-Slip Socks (3 pairs)

Online shopping can be difficult for shoes especially. Luckily, if your purchase doesn’t fit quite right, June Adaptive provides a free shipping label for returns upon request. If you’re not looking for shoes, but still want clothing that is curated with function and fashion in mind, you can check out the rest of June Adaptive’s collection, including tops, bottoms, and outerwear—all having accessible design in mind.

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