Wardrobe Essentials: 7 Must-Have Adaptive Items for Every Season

Wardrobe Essentials: 7 Must-Have Adaptive Items for Every Season

Written by Jahanvi Patel

How can you tell if you’ve lived in a cold climate for enough years? You know that you can experience any season on any given day of the year. You might be bundled up in a winter coat one day and then wearing shorts out the next. While the unpredictability of the weather is what makes this country endearing, it also means that you need to be prepared to experience rain, shine, snow, or wind on any given day. 


In the ever-evolving world of fashion, adaptive garments have become a hallmark of modern inclusive style. So, here’s a breakdown of 7 must-have items to help you seamlessly transition across seasons while prioritizing your comfort and functionality!


The Versatile Button-Up: A well-designed button-up shirt is an essential item to add to your closet. This item can be easily dressed up and down and will effortlessly transition through the seasons.


Adaptive Tip: Look for features like magnetic closures or easy-to-fasten buttons or an open-back flap for easy wear and removal. 


Styling Tip: For the summer, roll up the sleeves for a casual and relaxed look! Can look great if worn unbuttoned over a t-shirt or tank top as well. For the winter, layer up! A peek of the collar from underneath a sweater always serves a chic look. 


The Classic Blue Jean: Denim is a wardrobe staple for all seasons. Not only does it provide a sense of comfort and familiarity, but it also looks fashionable while doing so!    


Adaptive Tip: Look for jeans with elastic waistbands or pull-on designs that offer comfort and ease of wear. For wheelchair users, something with side-snap buttons can also accommodate for easy wear. Make sure to check that the material ensures breathability in warmer seasons and can also provide a cozy layer during the winter. 


Styling Tip: Paired with a t-shirt for a casual look, or a blouse/shirt for a fancier event, the classic blue jean will effortlessly blend fashion with practicality for wear!


This stretch denim from June Adaptive guarantees a stylish and comfortable wear!

 Men's Side Zip Jeans

Men's Side Zip Jeans

Step with Confidence: Adaptive footwear is a necessity to ensure ease of everyday movement. Picking the right shoe will keep you comfortable and happier over the long hours as well as reduce the possibility of pressure ulcers. 


Adaptive Tip: Look for easy-fasten shoes or slip-resistant sandals that will ensure stability and comfort. You can also get a customized cushioned insole or adjustable closures to accommodate to foot conditions and swelling. 


Styling Tip: A neutral coloured shoe that can be worn for different occasions is the best way to go! This way, you can easily wear it for both casual and formal events. 



Seasonal Cardigan: Cardigans take on a new dimension in adaptive fashion. This item can be a great cover up for the chillier summer evenings, while promising you warmth on a cold snowy or rainy day. 


Adaptive Tip: A cardigan with a side opening allows for ease when dressing. Along with this, look for a fabric that is soft and breathable. 


Styling Tip: Cardigans can be worn open, draped, or fastened to create various looks. This multi-functional item will make sure that you never feel like you don’t have anything to wear!


This open-back cardigan is a great styling piece to add to your wardrobe!

Women's Cardigan with Open Back

Women's Cardigan with Open Back


The Ultimate Jacket: For the harsh Canadian climate, finding the ultimate outerwear can be a little tricky. But here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for outerwear. 


Adaptive Tip: Look for something for magnetic snaps that will allow for easy and secure closure. A jacket with zip-off sleeves would allow you to transform the piece to accommodate to weather changes. As well as an item with removal linen which can provide extra warmth during the colder climate. Fabrics to look out for things that are water-resistant to withstand the Canadian snow. 


Styling Tip: Go for something bold and bright to add colour to the dull winters. Reds, blues, and whites are versatile and still add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. 


Transitioning Dresses: A functional dress can combine style with practicality and can be styled for every season! Adaptive dresses empower wearers to embrace their individuality without compromising on style. 


Adaptive Tip: Look for dresses that have openings for easy wear. A wrap dress can be worn without any hassle of zipping up the back. A throw on dress also promises breathability and comfort while wearing. 


Style Tip: Find a dress with a pattern and colour that can be worn in various seasons! A classic navy blue can be worn in spring or summer, fall or winter! Something with a minimal print can also allow you to dress up or down. Dresses on pants are also back in style! This trendy styling can make your dress easily wearable on colder days. 


This basic dress can be easily dressed up or down and styled in different ways for any season!

Women's Ponte Long Sleeve Open Back Dress

Women's Ponte Long Sleeve Open Back Dress


Versatile Accessories: Last but not least, build a collection of versatile accessories that can be worn across all seasons. Adaptive scarves for example, can provide comfort and warmth while adding a stylish touch to your outfit. Hats are also a great way to add a bit of fun to your look!


Adaptive Tip: You want to look for a soft, easy-to-drape material that will minimize skin irritation. Try to find a design that ensures no tugging/pulling that can result in choking or cause discomfort.


Styling Tip: A bright and bold colour or print can help you elevate your look and add a fun element to your seasonal outfits! A baseball cap for the summer can provide protection from UV rays and a soft winter hat will keep your ears warm. 



Building a capsule wardrobe will help you survive the unpredictable weather of the North. This article just offers a glimpse into the essential items that can be seamlessly transitioned and styled for any season. From button-up shirts to cardigans, finding adaptive garments that cater to your mobility, dexterity, or other unique needs will guarantee an enjoyable fashion experience. By curating your personal wardrobe with pieces that you love and enjoy, you too can confidently navigate each season with comfort and ease. 


For me personally, I have made it a goal of mine to curate a unique collection of outerwear that I can wear throughout the seasons. Which item do you think is the most essential to have for any season?

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