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Women’s Recovery Pants with Side Zipper


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$44.98 CAD

These comfortable cotton pants feature a zipper on the side for quick and easy access to the waist, hips, and upper leg.

  • The half-zipper eliminates the need to undress fully and is perfect for post-surgery recovery, doctor visits, accessing casts and catheters, and quick changes.
  • Convenient pockets! Handy pockets to store belongings.
  • Activewear that gives you freedom while you recover, medium-weight fabric that makes it versatile for both summer and winter.
  • Adjustable hem to easily customize inseam length.

Needs: Regular Conventional, ALS, Arthritis, Assisted Living, Bedridden Patient, Disability Clothing, Disabled, Elderly, Handicap, Health Care, Home Care, Hospice, Independent Dressing, Multiple Sclerosis, Nursing Home, Palliative Care, Paralysis, Patient Clothing, Senior, Stroke, Delicate Skin, Arm Stiffness, Parkinson's.

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60% Cotton/ 40% Polyester

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Customer Reviews

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Marilyn C.
Women's side zip pant.

These pants fit a bit big. The medium was overly large for size 10 person, had to get a small. Beautiful fabric! Excellent fit and easy to put on. Zips and velcro on both sides use one or both-versatile. Straight leg stylish not baggy.

Susan S.
Great style for Post Op Ankle Surgery

Nice fabric, adjustable waist, and legs wide enough to accommodate a cast. Will be non weight bearing for 3 months, so easy on and off!